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Jewellery for Halloween!

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Jewellery for Halloween!

Jewellery for Halloween ‘Halloween is a US celebration’, ‘Halloween is for kids’, I hear you say. Well, why should it be? Time to set new rules! Halloween is actually one of the world’s oldest holidays. Its origin dates back c.2,000 years as a Celtic Fall festival, and was closely associated with the living, the dead […]

Why wear rock crystal jewellery – 5 reasons

Wear Rock Crystal Jewellery - necklace and bracelet on black and white background

Why wear rock crystal jewellery – 5 reasons Don’t be fooled by rock crystal’s humble appearance. It has a lot to offer outside the recent craze for crystal healing. Here are 5 reasons why you should wear rock crystal jewellery: Beauty, Versatility, Affordability, Natural Alternative to Diamond, A Celebratory Gemstone in its own right. #1 […]

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