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The Infinity jewellery collection encompasses three ranges for three different moods :

Torus for an Art-Deco inspired elegant nautical feel,

Nought for an urban chic contemporary style, and

Scheherazade for a Middle Eastern magical spell.

The Integrity collection focuses on the square shape. Did you know that this particular geometric shape is man-made, contrary to circles for example. It is a symbol of integrity, trust and stability.

Coils, spirals, swirls and intertwined shapes, you will absolutely love the Mystery collection! It has a myriad of variations, like in nature.

Rebellion focuses on the essence of a spiral – its tactile ribbed texture, appealing linear pattern and gentle curves – to create a new narrative.

The Strength jewellery collection will take you from Bows and knots as ancient symbols of unions, ties that bind, to Spheres as emblems of stability and groundedness.

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