A selection of beautiful rock crystals

5 natural colourless gemstones that will make you sparkle – revealing the remaining 3

In an earlier blog post I introduced you to White Topaz and White Sapphire as the first 2 out of 5 natural colourless gemstones that I have selected for you.

Time to reveal the remaining 3:

#3 – White Zircon

Good durability

Highly resistant to chemical alteration and abrasion but can be brittle and prone to scratches so not best suited for everyday wear. Try and store white zircon jewellery pieces separately.

Excellent clarity

with few visible inclusions.

Very strong fire

Has an excellent brilliance that plays with the light beautifully.

Brilliant white

Many high quality white zircons are completely untreated.

Other interesting facts

Is one of the 3 birthstones for December.

Is the oldest mineral found on earth. It is also much rarer than diamond.

Do not confuse with cubic zirconia (CZ) which is always lab-grown.

#4 – White Beryl, or Goshenite

Considered hard and tough

making it suitable for all types of jewellery.

Excellent clarity

and is highly transparent. Because of that the Greeks used it to create the first ever glasses by .

Vitreous luster

Has therefore very little fire or brilliance compared to diamonds.

Natural, untreated colour

unlike coloured beryls which are often treated to enhance their vibrant colours.

Interesting facts

Symbolises motherhood, is both protective and nurturing.

#5 – White Quartz, or Rock Crystal

For an in-depth review please refer to our blog post ‘Why Wear Rock Crystal Jewellery – 5 Reasons’ here.

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