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Mother’s Day special jewellery gift ideas

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the situation and the high expectations on the day? Don’t because you will find here some inspiration to celebrate the mother figure in your life with the gorgeous Mother’s Day jewellery edit that I have compiled especially for the occasion.

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Remember when on Mother’s Day as a kid you were proudly presenting your mum with the fruit of your arduous labour, a necklace made of dried pasta held together by the magic of a tenuous thread? I do! And I guess I am not alone right?

Likewise, I am also pretty certain that your mum’s heart melted too, with unconditional maternal love, but that she most certainly never wore it and immediately put it safely away!

Well, it is high time to upgrade with a piece of jewellery that will be a lot more durable and wearable but as treasured as your earlier presents.

That is why I have selected pieces that are fresh, youthful and effortlessly chic. They are some of Essemgé best-sellers and that is for a good reason: they always over-deliver, like mum!

Trust me, you won’t go wrong with any of them on Mother’s Day. What is more you will feel that warm glow inside that comes when you know that you have done the right thing: pampering the most important person in your life!

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