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Quatrefoil Heart Dangle Earrings

Not your average cocktail earrings!

Exude flair, attitude and playfulness.

They are a crossover between the Art Deco influence of the Torus and the Romantic vibe of the Heart mini collections.

Perfect bridal jewellery too.



Materials & their benefits

Solid sterling silver 925

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


2mm thick

Designed and handmade in my South East London atelier.

Quatrefoil Heart Dangle Earrings


The Quatrefoil Heart earrings are absolutely gorgeous. The design is a crossover between the Torus and the Heart mini collections.

I have combined the Art Deco influence of the former with the Romantic vibe of the latter into one stunning pair of cocktail earrings.

A gorgeous heart shape creates a sense of emotion, reinforced by the fact that it dangles as you move like heart beats.

The mini lifebuoy Torus shapes arranged in a four-leaf clover, or quatrefoil, add extra interest and a gentle contrast to the heart.

I have used the same wire gauge throughout on purpose. That way, you get a feel of high quality and balance.

Who is these beautiful Heart earrings for

You know what you like and what suits you. Yet you don’t shy away from trying out new designs provided they remain wearable and have the potential to become part of your signature style.

The Heart earrings will certainly get your attention. They have flair, meaning and playfulness.

Both the heart and the quatrefoil hold very strong spiritual symbolism.

The heart is known as the seat of emotions. It is compassion and understanding, life-giving and complex.

The quatrefoil represents good luck, good fortune and prosperity.

So whenever you are wearing the heart earrings, you are also carrying that beautiful message with you.

Beautiful bridal jewellery too.

How to wear them

The heart earrings have an effortlessly chic vibe that is full of endearing personality and makes you shine every time.

They are joyful and their sparkle makes them ideal for special occasions. Put them on and you instantly feel uplifted.

Prepared to be admired , they will become a go-to look whenever you need a little pick-me up or a quick and easy way to elevate your outfit.

Why not go all in with the matching ring and the fabulous one-of-a-kind Heart sautoir, both available separately?


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