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Gold Nought Stud Earrings

Celebrate Leonardo da Vinci’s “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” with flair, and take the everyday to a whole new level of quiet luxury.

His and Hers.

Highly giftable at any age.


Materials & their benefits

Solid 18k yellow gold.

On gold ear posts and backs.

Did you know that gold has been called ‘the master healer’. It symbolises the purity of spirit, and helps with cell regeneration, energy conductivity, communication transmission and energy purification.


approx 1cm diam – made with 2mm square section wire


Designed and handmade to order in my South East London atelier

What is it

Introducing the fabulous gold circle nought studs, the luxury version of the popular silver nought studs available here.

They encapsulate the essence of the Nought range , which is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. It is also the most difficult to achieve.

Two simple O-rings elevated to a new level of sophistication as the light plays with the curves and angles of the square section of precious metal.

The circle is a strong and power shape. It is highly symbolic, with universal meanings for totality and wholeness. Did you know that it also represents original perfection, Self, infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement and God.

Who are the gold circle Nought studs for

Are you looking for a touch of opulence that is highly wearable and that will fit in your busy schedule, whether you wear them during daytime or dress them up for a special occasion?

Then you won’t be able to resist the appeal of these delightful studs!

They take jewelllery essentials to a new level of quiet sophistication. Still youthful and polished like their silver counterparts, but with added flair.

You will find them secure, comfortable and effortless so you can be prepared for all of life’s adventures!

These studs will also make a very special treat for a loved one.

How to wear them

They are so versatile, you can wear them pretty much any way you want and whenever you want.

With their Urban Chic feel, these sleek gold circle stud earrings will look fabulous with a crisp white shirt for a sleek formal look, and make you stand out on the Zoom grid!

Wear them with a pair of jeans, even a roll neck top, and you will redefine casual chic.

Put them on and forget about them, just enjoy life! You will feel and look amazing, especially if you were them outside. They won’t catch on masks!

For the most trendy ones, get them to add to your collection of multiple ear piercings.

If you are looking to pair them with matching pieces from the same range, have a browse here.

Note that any of those pieces can be made in solid 18k yellow gold. Contact me to get a quote.



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