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Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are an absolute jewellery wardrobe essential at any age. Why? Because they add instant style and are incredibly versatile.

I have created a wide range of designs, from quality timeless classics to more avant-garde trailblazing designs, so that you can find the perfect fit, or be creative and experiment to your heart’s content!


Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are an absolute jewellery wardrobe essential at any age.

Everyone should have at least one pair. Choose the style that works for you and you will find yourself wearing them pretty much all the time and with virtually any outfit, formal or casual. They boost your style instantly.

What are ear studs?

There are so many styles of earrings nowadays that it can be confusing sometimes to remember the names of all of them. So even though studs have been universally popular for centuries, it is worth re-listing their main features:

  • they are traditionally worn in pairs, one stud on each ear lobe, ie the fleshy part of your ears
  • to put them on, you simply undo the fastening, insert the post into the ear lobe and secure it in place with the fastening, which can be metal or silicone.
  • they sit snugly against your skin, not leaning forward or backwards
  • they should be lightweight to avoid stretching your piercing and becoming uncomfortable or even painful to wear
  • they are relatively small to complement the size of your ear lobe

Why stud earrings are so popular?

It has not always been the case, believe it or not. In Western culture, pierced ears have gone in and out of fashion through the centuries. From the late 1800s up to the 1950s, they were frowned upon. They were seen as vulgar and thus reserved to outcasts, the lower classes or rebels. Clip-on earrings were hugely popular instead.

By contrast, in other cultures such as Latin America, Spain, Africa, ear piercing is part of the tradition and not a choice.

Nowadays however stud earrings are everyone’s favourite. There are a lot of reasons for that:

  • versatile – you can wear them any day and just forget about them but focus on your day be it at work, at the gym, traveling, doing the school run or forgetting to take them off at night. Whether on or off duty, studs are a great way to inject a bit of personality to your go-to outfit.
  • discreet – youthful, ear studs suit any face shape. They frame and enhance your features with just that extra sparkle that makes you stand out. Think of them as stylish accents to complement the rest of your appearance.
  • affordable – they are the perfect gift that will please any age. Think teenagers for whom it can be a real headache to find something they will actually like. They are also a lovely gesture for Mother’s Day that will be fondly appreciated and remembered
  • secure – their fastening means that you have less chance of losing them than hook earrings for example. If you have long hair or wear a scarf, they won’t get caught as easily and risk falling off.
  • any age – because they are small and not dangling, they are suitable for children too. In Spain for example, it is common practice for newborns to have their ears pierced and wear tiny gold studs.
  • any gender – most designs will suit both men and women alike. Not that you will want to share but …

Stud Earrings by Essemgé

With ear studs, I wanted to give you a range of options, from quality timeless classics to more avant-garde trailblazing designs. That way you have the possibility to experiment a new style without fear of committing if you eventually find it is not for you. This is the ideal type of accessories to try something a little different, or even start on your jewellery journey, and grow in confidence as you go.

You will find therefore a variety of stud earrings:

  • Some are inspired by the Art Nouveau style with swirls and curves. Naturalistic and feminine.
  • Others are what I call ‘neo Art Deco’, with clean crisp lines. Sophisticated and confident.
  • You will also find stud earrings that are very much in the 1970s-80s revival spirit, for a bold joyful look.

I have used only quality sustainable materials including solid precious metals like gold, silver, and a mix of gold and silver, as well as natural gemstones.

Care instructions specific to stud earrings:

  • make sure that they sit snugly against your skin. If they tend to lean that is probably because the fastening is not appropriate for your ear lobe. The way to correct that is to choose extra large fastenings that will help balancing the weight.
  • because they sit snugly against the skin, they will tend to get dirty with natural skin oil, cosmetics and make-up. Simply follow the usual clean at home instructions: soak into lukewarm soapy water for a few minutes so that the remaining dirt falls off. If there are any residue, use a very soft toothbrush. Rinse under clear water, pat dry and leave to dry completely before storing away until next time you wear them.

As always, if you have any questions, please do contact me, Sophie. You can reach me via email at I will be happy to help.

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