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Quatrefoil Silver Stud Earrings

Channel the romanticism of the Gothic revival aesthetic with this attractive and stylish update on the ever popular four-leaf clover shape.

Beautiful talismans of good luck, good fortune and prosperity.

To gift or to receive.





Handmade in elegant classic shiny silver or dark oxidised silver. Please select the option you want from the drop-down menu.

On ear posts and stops.

The dark version is sterling silver that I hand oxidise to a charcoal grey colour. The result is unique each time.

Note that the dark finish will gradually rub off with time and wear. Highlights of shiny silver will appear on the raised details while the recesses will remain dark, creating a beautiful unique patina adding more charm and personality to your jewellery.

It is completely safe to wear and won’t stain.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


approx 14x14mm

Designed and handmade to order in my South East London atelier.

Quatrefoil Silver Stud Earrings


These Quatrefoil silver stud earrings are part of the Integrity collection.

I absolutely love the romanticism of the Gothic Revival aesthetic. It has drama, it is emotional, it is highly decorative and it blends history with modernity. It has a big influence in my work and these studs are a perfect example of that.

Made of 4 interconnected circles, these ear studs are a fresh take on a Neo-Gothic favourite shape, the four-leaf clover that is also known as ‘quatrefoil’, meaning ‘Four Leaves’ in Latin.

Its enduring aesthetic appeal combined to its symbolism of good luck, harmony and proportion makes the quatrefoil design timeless and always in style.

Who for

Real gems to add to your collection of trusted accessories. They will give you for an instant touch of sophistication.

Youthful and polished, these studs are ideal for every day but also when you need to stand out in a subtle yet assertive way.

Millenials and Gen Z will particularly love them for their simplicity and geometric lines, while looking smart and elegant.

These studs will also make a very special treat for the wonderful woman in your life.

How to wear them

Fabulous worn them with a crisp white shirt for a sleek polished look. They will also look incredible with a pair of jeans, even a roll neck top for a more casual chic style.

A more formal setting , like a night out or a special occasion, would suit them too.


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