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Silver Cube Stud Earrings

Very Urban Chic / Mid Century Modern / Brutalist

Think graphic alternative to pearl studs.

Available in 2 sizes: MINI for a demure look / MAXI for a more confident statement.

Great gift for architects, best friends, work colleagues

From £69.00

Materials & their benefits

Solid sterling silver, available in classic shiny or contemporary black

On silver ear posts and silicone ear backs for ease and comfort.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.

The black version is silver that has been oxidised to a dark charcoal grey. The colour will fade over time and with wear. Highlights will appear on the higher details such as raised edges, creating a beautiful unique patina. It is completely safe to wear on your skin, clothes etc. However please note that each item is made by hand and oxidation cannot give 100% identical results each time, which will add charm and character to your piece.


MINI: approx 5x5x5mm

MAXI: approx 10x10x10mm


Designed and handmade to order in my South East London atelier

Silver Cube Stud Earrings


Back to basic with the cube, 1 of the 5 primary 3D figures. These silver cube stud earrings are incredibly strong and powerful.

I make each item by hand, which gives me the ability to adjust the design so that it offers you maximum comfort as well as style. For these cube studs I have purposefully left the cubes hollow so that the earrings are comfortable to wear and lay flat against your ear, without leaning forward or backward.

You can choose between two sizes : MINI for a demure look and MAXI for a bold statement.

The cube shape is a symbol of stability and geometric perfection. It is also said to represent the truth because it looks the same from any perspective.

These earrings are the corner stone of the Integrity collection.

Who will love the Silver Cube Stud Earrings?

Do you love architecture, mid-century modern art, clean lines and simple but strong designs ? You will love these ear studs.

Pure yet impactful, think of them as graphic alternative to the ubiquitous pearl studs.

Brilliant to add personality and individuality to your outfit in a tasteful but assertive way.

Highly giftable too – think Mother’s Day, best friend, work colleague. Either size is very popular as it is easy to style up or down, and suits any age and face shape.

The MINI size lends itself to multiple ear piercings while the MAXI size will appeal to a more mature audience.

How to wear them

What is great about these cube studs is that they give you endless possibilities.

MAXI or MIDI, the silver cube stud earrings have enough visual impact to stand on their own and shine.

These silver cube stud earrings will look fabulous paired with a crisp white shirt or a roll neck top for a sleek polished look. Equally they will add flair to a pair of jeans in a more casual setting.

Go for the MAXI version for a night out or a special occasion. You will feel exude confidence, poise and charm

Choose the MINI version for a smart every day look such as work environment.

The MINI size is also ideal if you want to mix and match with other earrings and create your own multiple ear piercing collection.


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