Maxi Candy Stud Earrings

Combine sustainability with sophistication.

Great alternative to pearl earrings.

Be strong and feminine at the same time.

In timeless shiny or dark urban chic.


Materials & their benefits

Solid sterling silver – in shiny or dark.

On silver ear posts and silicone ear backs for ease and comfort.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.

The dark finish is oxidised silver. Each item is oxidised by hand so the result is unique each time. The dark colour will not stain your skin or clothes. However it will eventually fade with time and wear. The raised edges will become shinier while the recesses will stay darker. This will add charm and character to the jewellery making it uniquely yours.


Approx. 11mm

A smaller version (8mm) is available with the MIDI candy stud earrings

Designed and handmade to order by Essemgé in the UK.

Maxi Candy Stud Earrings


These gorgeous Maxi Candy Stud Earrings are from the Caviar range which takes its name from the silver pearls that gleam like caviar grains.

Here the silver pearls are quite chunky hence why I have called them ‘Candy’. They are juicy, round an attractive.

The concept behind Caviar is to create a new beautiful and covetable piece of jewellery from the dust and off-cuts of silver that I carefully collect from any piece that I make.

Think ‘rags to riches’, or ‘Cinderella’. Find out more about the making of Caviar here.

Note that each piece is freeform so completely unique. It is never perfectly round or smooth but has its own compelling charm.

Who will love the Maxi Candy Stud Earrings?

For those who are looking for a jewellery that combines sustainability with sophistication.

Their organic round shape is both feminine and strong.

Think of these studs as a great modern alternative to the traditional pearl earrings.

They are ultra flattering at any age and add a very appealing youtful glow that you will love.

Very giftable. You are sure to make a beautiful present that everyone will love.

How to wear them

From office wear to more casual chic, the Maxi Candy stud earrings will make you look polished and elegant in any circumstances.

Choose a shiny finish for a classic feel. The light will bounce on the surface as you move, giving you a very flattering glow.

Alternatively go for a black finish if you want to create a more dramatic and contemporary look.

Wear them on their own, or pair them with the matching silver Candy stacking ring to have a complete look.

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