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Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Why wear rock crystal jewellery - 5 reasons

Why wear rock crystal jewellery – 5 reasons

Why wear rock crystal jewellery – 5 reasons Don’t be fooled by rock crystal’s humble appearance. It has a lot to offer outside the…

Why wear rock crystal jewellery – 5 reasons

Don’t be fooled by rock crystal’s humble appearance. It has a lot to offer outside the recent craze for crystal healing. Here are 5 reasons why you should wear rock crystal jewellery:

  • Beauty,
  • Versatility,
  • Affordability,
  • Natural Alternative to Diamond,
  • A Celebratory Gemstone in its own right.

#1 – Beauty


From the Greek word ‘krystallos’ meaning ‘ice’, it is the purest variety of quartz. It is transparent and colourless, with a clarity of pure water.

For this reason it has been extensively used as a natural alternate to diamond since ancient times.

It is also the perfect stone for summer, with its refreshing cooling shine of frozen water.


Rock crystal has the potential to be one of the most distinctive and aesthetic gemstones. It often has a wide array of attractive inclusions, which produce popular varieties of stones. The most notable ones are rutilated quartz, with hair-like inclusions of golden rutile, tourmalinated quartz, with needles of black tourmaline trapped inside the crystal, and milky quartz, with microscopic inclusions of fluids looking like white clouds.

#2 – Versatility


Rock crystal has a very good wearability and stablity. It is therefore suitable for all kinds of jewellery pieces that can be safely worn everyday. While less hard than diamond (ie more prone to scratches), it can take a lot of banging about without damage or chipping.

What is more, it does not require any specific care. Simply clean with warm, soapy water and gentle brushing, like you would do for most of your other precious jewellery. Check our blog post on pearls for exceptions.


Because of its colourless quality, you can easily wear rock crystal with pretty much anything, anytime. Rock crystal comes in a variety of cuts – faceted or non-faceted – and finishes – transparent or frosted – that provides great flexibility of style. You can find ideas here.

Choose a rock crystal with beautiful inclusions and you will get even more variety and options to create different looks. The shimmer of a rutilated quartz, the character of a tourmalinated quartz or the dreaminess of a milky quartz for example will each have a distinct feel.

#3 – Affordability


Rock crystal is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. The vast majority of rock crystal used in jewellery is therefore untreated. It is also one of the reasons I use rock crystal in my designs. It is the assurance for you to get something genuine and sustainable.


Because of its availability, you can find larger rock crystal sizes at wallet-friendly prices compared to other natural transparent colourless gemstones. It is therefore ideal to make fabulous statement pieces of jewellery.

#4 – Natural alternative to diamond


Rock crystal might not be as ‘firey’ as diamond, however, a well-cut rock crystal can be very brilliant with excellent return of white light. Note that descriptions of quartz crystals from many areas often use the terminology “Herkimer diamond”.


Faceted rock crystals often serve today as ‘accent stones’ rather than diamonds.

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Why wear rock crystal jewellery - 5 reasons

Here is a commission piece that I made. The inspiration comes from traditional folk jewellery from Normandie, France. I have used a large faceted rock crystal as centre stone. The design really brings out the bright clear sparkle of the stone to its best effect.

#5 – Celebratory gemstone

A birthstone

Diamond is not the only April birthstone, rock crystal is actually another increasingly popular one! Did you know that it is often associated with balance, clarity, and energy? It is indeed the perfect stone for imagination and clairvoyance. Think crystal gazing and divination.

A wedding anniversary gift

Did you know that rock crystal is the traditional gift for a 15th wedding anniversary? It represents the clear and sparkling love between husband and wife. Do you have a milestone event coming up soon that you would like to mark with a special piece? Please get in touch here to discuss your projects and I will be honoured to help you with your request.

A selection of beautiful rock crystals

Here is a selection of beautiful rock crystals that I currently have in stock. Any catching your eye? …

Wear rock crystal jewellery and you will exude timeless sophistication!

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