– 5 natural colourless gemstones that will make you sparkle, starting with the first 2 … –

Whether you are looking for an alternate to diamond or want a gem that is a little different, then you need to know about the selection of 5 natural colourless gemstones that I have put together for you.

There is such a plethora of information available out there regarding diamonds that it is very easy to feel daunted and overwhelmed. Most of the time that means ending up giving up and buying something relatively ‘average’ .

My aim here is to help you make a better informed decision by giving you some pointers for comparison before committing to a purchase. You will (re- ?)discover remarkable natural, earth-mined gemstones that have a lot of sparkle to offer and make very credible substitutes to diamonds with their own meanings and stories.

Bear in mind that every natural stone has different characteristics, including hardness / durability, clarity, luster / brilliance and colour, that make it unique, and we will go through each like little snapshots easy for you to remember.

Without further ado, let me introduce the …

  • White Topaz
  • White Sapphire

#1 – White Topaz

Hard, but brittle

Choose a setting that protects the stone and it will last longer.

Good clarity

Compared to other natural gems, white topaz is relatively clean from inclusions.

Attractive luster

Not as bright as diamond but a very good brilliance none the less, which means it can often be mistaken for diamond.

Natural, untreated colour

unlike most coloured topaz stones which are usually treated white topaz.

Other interesting facts

Is the November birthstone.

Symbolises peace, affection, and hope.

#2 – White Sapphire

Hardest gem after diamond

making white sapphire very durable and suitable for any kind of jewellery pieces.

Often milky, cloudy

which is not obvious on small stones but can be more noticeable to the naked eye above a certain size.

Very white brilliance

which means that it requires frequent cleaning to keep its sparkle, compared to the fire of a diamond. The good thing however is that it is easy for you to clean safely at home. Simply use with warm, soapy water and gentle brushing with a soft brush, like you would do for most of your other precious jewellery. Remember to let dry completely before wearing or storing away in its own pouch or box. You can find more information here.

Very rarely naturally colourless

Natural untreated white sapphires (or any colour sapphire for that matter) are very rare indeed and all the more precious for it. If you can, try and buy an untreated sapphire. Its rarity means it is a very good investment, and still much cheaper than its diamond equivalent.

Other interesting facts

is one of the 3 April birthstones.

is the only other colourless gem apart from diamond that is considered a precious stone.

Symbolises power and strength, but also kindness and wise judgment.

So, which one sould you choose?

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