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Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Bracelets - My 4 tips to choose the right one

Bracelets – My 4 tips to choose the right one

Bracelets – My 4 tips to choose the right one I have got great news for you! Regardless of your gender or your age,…

Bracelets – My 4 tips to choose the right one

I have got great news for you! Regardless of your gender or your age, everyone everywhere in the world wears bracelets. They have been around for c. 5,000 years and are probably one of the earliest forms of adornments.

So whether you are new to bracelets, want to add to your existing collection or are looking for a gift, you cannot go wrong with this must-have accessory. Here are my 4 top tips to consider when choosing a wrist adornment:

  • who is it for?
  • what is the occasion?
  • what do they like?
  • what is their lifestyle?

Who is the bracelet for?

Is it for yourself? In which case you know what you like and what suits you. You have got 2 main options: either go with a similar style to what you already have or try something different. Women’s bracelets are a great way to experiment with your style when you are unsure. They just add an accent to your outfit. Our Silver Toggle Bracelet is a great option. It gently takes the classic draping look into the 21st century by using unusual contrasting materials and playing with proportions.

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Bracelets - My 4 tips to choose the right one

You want to try something a little different yet not too radical. Our Silver Toggle Bracelet has just the right amount of edge to be intriguing.

Ideal for men and women alike.

Is it for a man? Men’s bracelets can be a little tricky. Most men will tend to wear them on their left wrist together with their wristwatch unless they want to make a fashion statement. You therefore want a great piece that delivers without overdoing it. Our gender fluid Stripes Open Bangle is the perfect choice – classic yet modern, in shiny or black silver. It is thin enough to be worn in most occasions, even formal, yet has strong visual impact.

Is it for a child? In most religions and cultures, the first jewellery that a newborn or baby will receive is a bracelet. It is a symbol for protection. What more thoughtful can it be? You will love our Silver Semainier Bracelet. It is a very special piece, inspired by ancient traditions, which we make to order to the required size.

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Bracelets - My 4 tips to choose the right one

Our gorgeous Silver Semainier Bracelet from the Scheherazade range – 7 individual bangles tied together with a ribbon link like the 7 days of the week.

What is the occasion?

Is it to celebrate an event? Charm bracelets are fabulous for that as they can be personalised. Each trinket can be individually chosen and added. They will have a special meaning to the wearer, eg places, names, birthstones etc. You can find some suggestions here.

Is it for its spiritual meaning? Bracelets and bangles are often a symbol of a connection to another person – eg friendship bracelets that seal and secure friends’ relationship and bond. They can also be thought to have a healing power based on the materials and stones used. 

Purely aesthetic? Just trust your instinct.

Bracelets for every taste

Things like their wardrobe, interior deco, interests and hobbies will help you narrow down the type of bracelet to choose.

If they are classic, then a gorgeous simple jonc bangle beautifully handcrafted is sure to hit the mark. It is elegant, timeless and versatile. 

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Bracelets - My 4 tips to choose the right one

Our stunning Monday and Tuesday bangles are what every woman needs.

Do they like dark colours? Then try oxidised silver. It has drama and adds a contemporary edge that will appeal to both men and women alike. It also makes each piece totally individual as the process gives a unique result each time and the patination will fade over time with wear.

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Bracelets - My 4 tips to choose the right one

Sleek and clean lines give our Stripes Open Bangle a discreet yet strong presence and a lot of character.

Big statement pieces are their thing. The type of bracelets that they will like is a nice wide cuff bracelet. Worn over a sleeve it has a very couture look, quite dramatic and very sophisticated.

Bracelets to fit lifestyles

Not every bracelet will fit any lifestyle. It sounds obvious but until you actually have a bad experience yourself, it is very easy to forget about that aspect. 

How does that influence your choice? Well, the style, fit and materials will depend on how you plan to wear your bracelet. Together with rings, bracelets are the type of jewellery that is the most prone to wear and tear. That is due to the fact that we all use our hands every day for everything.

The options discussed below are suitable for all genders and ages.

A plain silver bracelet or bangle is probably your most versatile and sturdiest option. It is perfect for busy active lifestyles. Wear on its own and it will complement your office outfit in a subtle way or lift up a more casual look. You can also stack as many as you want and that’s your day to night style taken care of.

Depending on the type of links, a silver chain bracelet will be a lot more delicate, so avoid any heavy-duty work while wearing it. That said it is a very popular style as it has a very beautiful and tactile flow.

If you prefer a tighter fit, or if you feel that bangles can be too loose, then try open bangles. Like cuff bracelets they are easy to put on and can be slightly tightened to your wrist size.

Your dream bracelets await

Hopefully by now you feel better equipped and more comfortable when it comes to choosing your dream bracelet. Rest assured that there is no right or wrong way to wear bracelets. Ultimately it is a matter of personal preference.

There is a lot more to bracelets which I will develop in future blogs. Don’t miss when they are released and join the #EssemgeXMe Club here.

Don’t forget to browse our full online collection of charm bracelets, open bangles and stacking bracelets. Keep checking back as we regularly add more designs.

I would love you to leave a comment in the section below with your thoughts. Let me know what type of bracelets you prefer and why. We are all different and it is always so interesting to see the varieties of choices.

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