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Open Bangles

Open bangles have a spell-binding appeal that you won’t be able to resist. Popular with men and women alike, the simplicity of its design is the ultimate sophistication. What is more, they are easy to put on and slightly adjustable for a great fit each time. You will love them.

Open Bangles

Open bangles have a spell-binding appeal that you won’t be able to resist.

Historically worn by men, women and even children, they are still widely popular today with men usually wearing torques (thinner bangles) and women cuffs (wider bangles).

They have some specific features contributing to their appeal: a rigid structure and 2 open ends leaving a gap through which you slip your wrist to put the bangle on.

Open Bangles are visually striking and ever popular

So many reasons why you need to add this type of bangles to your jewellery collection:

  • firstly, its tribal aesthetics and feel – it finds its origins deeply rooted in ancient times and traditions. It has managed to retain a strong almost mythical identity to this day.
  • then the simplicity of its design – it fits the modern taste for minimalism, and as such men and women alike fall for it. It is a perfect piece of genderfluid jewellery.
  • finally its open ends make it particularly easy to put on. Finding your perfect size with a classic slip-on bangle can be tricky. An open bracelet by contrast will always have the perfect fit as you can slightly adjust the opening up or down to your liking.

I have created a design that complements the rest of the Rebellion collection. It has a gorgeously tactile ribbed texture made of silver stripes. Pure and elegant you will find it very versatile and comfortable to wear every day. Check it out below.

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