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Open Bangles

also known as torque bangles

Visually striking and ever popular, this type of bracelets is characterised by:

a tribal aesthetics and feel, Torque bangles have their origins deeply rooted in ancient times and traditions, with local variations across the world. They have managed however to retain a strong almost mystical identity to this day.

the simplicity of its design, which is also one of the reasons for its long lasting popularity. It fits the modern taste for minimalism, and as such is favoured by both men and women alike. It is a pefect piece of genderfluid jewellery.

the fact that it is an ‘open’ bangle, thus making it particularly easy to put on. While finding your perfect size with a classic slip-on bangle can be tricky, an open bracelet will always have the perfect fit as the opening can be slightly adjusted up or down to your liking.

We have designed an open bangle that complements the rest of the Rebellion collection, with a ribbed texture made of silver stripes. Pure and elegant you will find it very versatile and very comfortable to wear every day. Check it out below.