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Stacking Bracelets

Fabulous to create your own style by mixing and matching as many bangles as you want !

It is a case of more is more with this type of adornment, so don’t be shy and layer them on on both arms, directly on your skin, or why not try over a long-sleeved top for a chic couture look.

The beauty of stacking bangles is that you cannot go wrong. There is no risk of a fashion faux-pas, which means you are totally free to let your imagination and inspiration guide you whether you just want to have fun or the bangles have a personal meaning to you !

We have designed gorgeously tactile pieces , pure and elegant , that you will want to wear on their own too.

Super versatile they will add style to any outfit instantly and are sure to become wardrobe jewellery essentials.

Treat yourself and loved ones , you won’t regret it!