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Stacking Bracelets

Fabulous to create your own style.

Unleash the creative in you with stacking bracelets!


Stacking Bracelets are fabulous to create your own style.

Relax! You don’t have to wear a whole stack to enjoy stackable bangles, you can actually wear just one! So, if ‘maximalism’ is not your thing and you like a more paired back look, you can very well enjoy this kind of bracelets your way. Hopefully my friendly heads-up will have alleviated the pressure you may have felt. Fashion trends are there to be challenged and morphed into ones that work for you.

Whether it is bracelets or bangles, ‘layering’, ‘piling’ or ‘stacking’ multiple wrist adornments is an easy, fast and relatively budget-friendly way to create versatile unique statement jewellery.

Unleash the creative in you with stacking bracelets!

It is a case of more is more with this type of adornment, so don’t be shy and layer them on both arms, directly on your skin, or why not try over a long-sleeved top for a very chic couture look.

The beauty of such bangles is that you cannot go wrong. There is no risk therefore of a fashion faux-pas, which means you are totally free to let your imagination and inspiration guide you. Do you just want to have fun? Then go for it! Do you want to have a personal meaning attached to them? You can have that too.

‘How can you be creative?’ I hear you say. Well, there are so many options that we could be discussing the matter at length. Let’s be practical however and look at the main ones that you can play with:

  • wear a different number of bracelets every day
  • change the order in which you wear them to create a new ‘sequence’
  • wear on one arm, or both arms
  • add some colour, through mixing precious metals, eg all silver and one in gold as an accent, or have at least one bracelet with gemstones.
  • mix bracelets and bangles.
  • create your own ‘themed’ combinations. If you were to do that for each of the four seasons eg, that could translate into bright and lots of layers for summer, a cooler quieter version for winter.

You can tailor any mix to create the visual impact that you want. Not only that, you can also want to benefit from the healing properties of the materials of your chosen stacking bracelets, or feel a specific spiritual meaning attached to the sequence that you have created. How do you achieve that? Look for example at the type of gemstones used, or at the symbols attached to certain designs. That way you will be able to decide what is best for you.

Stacking Bracelets by Essemgé

I have designed gorgeously tactile pieces, pure and elegant, so that you will want to wear them every day with anything, even on their own.

Super versatile, they will add style to any outfit instantly and are sure to become wardrobe jewellery essentials.

Some designs have been inspired by ancient traditions – for example the silver semainier bracelet which refers to an old North African custom and represents the life, or passing of time, of the wearer.

If you are looking for a timeless design I have created the 7 Days range with a different bracelet for each day of the week. Classically elegant and never out of fashion. You can choose to wear the ‘bangle of the day’ and change every day. Alternatively you can decide to stack it with the bracelets from the previous days, until you reach the full week. And then start all over again. Think of the 7 Days range like a little portable sand timer.

You will find certain designs are gender neutral. A friendly note of caution though,  you won’t want them to share with your other half!

Care instructions specific to stacking bracelets and bangles:

  • stacking bangles will inevitably result in a gentle chime jingling noise as you move. Depending on the environment you are in it may be soothing or distracting so just be aware of that
  • bracelets rubbing against each other will also result in wear and scratches. Some of that damage can potentially be reversed (eg plain solid precious bangles can be professionally re polished) but some will be permanent, in particular softer materials and gemstones. As such I suggest you wear any organic (by contrast to mineral) gemstone jewellery separately.
  • by the same token, try and choose stacking bracelets of similar diameter to avoid the risk of one overlapping another one and potentially damaging it
  • if a bangle feels a bit tight, don’t force or it may get misshapen. Cover you hand with some thin slippery fabric like silk and slip the bangle over. Remove the fabric and voila!

As always, if you have any questions, please do contact me, Sophie. You can reach me via email at I will be happy to help.

Treat yourself and loved ones , you won’t regret it!

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