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Silver Round Bangle Monday

Deliciously tactile and classically pure.

One of a series of seven stacking bangle variations, one for each day of the week.

Choose to have an awesome day every day!


Materials & their benefits

Solid sterling silver 925.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


3mm thick. Choose your preferred size in the drop down menu.

Tip for the perfect fit – if you have a small wrist but a proportionately wider hand, slip you hand in a thin plastic bag, then slide the bracelet on your wrist over the bag, remove the bag and voila! That way you can choose the size of bangles that you really like rather than a bigger one by default.

Designed and hand forged to order in my South East London atelier.

Silver Round Bangle ‘Monday’


This elegant silver round bangle is part the Infinity collection. It is also the first variation of a series of seven bangles, one for each day of the week, from the ‘7 Days’ range.

It celebrates the Circle of Life.

I have called it ‘Monday’ to make every Monday exciting and a day to look forward to. With your trusted friend on your arm, you will kick start your week with a fresh and positive mindset.

Obviously it is not exclusive to Mondays! You can enjoy it any day you want.

Who is the silver round bangle ‘Monday’ for?

Simple but not simplistic! This is the perfect type of bangle bracelets for those looking for a quality classic bangle that they can enjoy wearing every day.

This jonc bracelet is beautifully tactile, with its inviting curves. Its smooth texture invites you to touch and play with it, and to admire your wrist as you move.

Made from a thick round piece of solid silver, it has a nice yet comfortable weight.

Youthful and super flattering, it will go with pretty much anything.

How to wear the round silver bangle Monday?

You will find it very versatile – substantial enough to be worn on its own, this silver stacking bangle is also delicate enough to be paired with many other bracelets of your choice.

You can choose to wear it as ‘bangle of the day’ and change every day. Alternatively you can decide to stack it with the bracelets from the previous days, until you reach the full week. And then start all over again. Think of the 7 Days range like a little portable sand timer.

Slip it on directly onto your skin, or over the cuff of a shirt or any long sleeved top for a chic couture look.

It also makes a fabulous gift. With its clean lines and paired back look, it will appeal to men and women alike.

Why not pair it with the Torus range. You will find beautiful pieces to complement your bracelet whenever you want to create a statement look.


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