Quatrefoil Rings Set

Gorgeously tactile stacking rings to share or to keep, your choice.

2 quatrefoils or clover shapes for a double dose of good luck, good fortune and prosperity.

Gorgeous gift to a best friend.


Materials & their benefits

In-house recycled solid sterling silver. Each caviar pearl is unique so please expect some discrepancy from the images.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


1.2mm square ring band.

Choose your ring size in the drop-down menu.


Designed and handmade to order in my South East London atelier.

Quatrefoil Rings Set



A set of 2 gorgeous silver stacking rings both in the shape of a Quatrefoil but each slightly different.

‘Quatrefoil’ comes from the Latin word for ‘Four Leaves’ and is a symbol of good luck, good fortune and prosperity.

They are from the Caviar range, for the silver pearls that gleam like caviar grains.

The concept behind Caviar is to create a new beautiful and covetable piece of jewellery from the dust and off-cuts of silver that I carefully collect from any piece that I make.

Think ‘rags to riches’, or ‘Cinderella’. Find out more about the making of Caviar here.

Who is the Quatrefoil Ring Set for

Have you been looking for a jewellery that combines sustainability with sophistication? Then this ring set is for you!

It will also appeal to those who care about the symbolism behind the adornments that they wear.

The look is both feminine and strong as the light bounces against the soft organic molten silver and the crisp edges of the ring bands.

The Quatrefoil ring set with Its delightful lines will appeal to any age. The younger crowd will like its pure paired-back look, while the more mature will enjoy its subtle assertiveness.

Are you looking for a gift to a friend? Then you cannot go wrong with this ring!

How to wear them

From office wear to more casual chic, there is no environment or outfit that this Quatrefoil ring set cannot carry to the next level!

You will look polished but with that extra little something that will make you stand out.

This set is incredibly versatile. You will find yourself wearing them every day for the cheer pleasure of looking down at your hands while typing on your keyboard at work, and your day will feel brighter!

Be adventurous and wear each on any finger that you want. Individually on their own, stacked together or with many more, they will be part of your trusted jewellery wardrobe essentials.


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