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Jewellery for Halloween!

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Jewellery for Halloween!

Jewellery for Halloween ‘Halloween is a US celebration’, ‘Halloween is for kids’, I hear you say. Well, why should it be? Time to set new rules! Halloween is actually one of the world’s oldest holidays. Its origin dates back c.2,000 years as a Celtic Fall festival, and was closely associated with the living, the dead […]

Jewellery & Water – friends or enemies?

Silver Moonstone Charm Bangle by Essemgé - Jewellery & water

Jewellery & water, have you ever wondered about it? As I was caught under some pretty heavy downpours of rain recently, it suddenly hit me! I was holding my little foldable umbrella, trying to prevent the rain from drenching both me and my jewellery. ‘What am I doing?’ I thought. Why was I instinctively protecting […]

Back to the office – Excited or Freaking Out?

Grid Pendant Necklace - Silver and Mother Of Pearl - shown worn - handmade in sterling silver and pearlescent white mother-of-pearl semi-precious stones - with a s-hook clasp

Back to the office – beat those butterflies in the stomach with your favourite piece of jewellery Back to the office – Whether you are looking forward to it or not, there is no doubt that returning to the workplace will be this year’s highlight in our fashion lives. Have you already planned what you’ll […]

A Diamond Is Forever

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | A Diamond Is Forever

A Diamond Is Forever. These 4 iconic words have appeared in every single De Beers advertisement since 1948! But how did it start and what does it mean? Following up on the wedding theme from my last blog post How do wedding rings work? It is one of the most popular FAQs about weddings. Do […]

Why wear rock crystal jewellery – 5 reasons

Wear Rock Crystal Jewellery - necklace and bracelet on black and white background

Why wear rock crystal jewellery – 5 reasons Don’t be fooled by rock crystal’s humble appearance. It has a lot to offer outside the recent craze for crystal healing. Here are 5 reasons why you should wear rock crystal jewellery: Beauty, Versatility, Affordability, Natural Alternative to Diamond, A Celebratory Gemstone in its own right. #1 […]

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