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Grid Pendant Necklace - Silver and Mother Of Pearl - shown worn - handmade in sterling silver and pearlescent white mother-of-pearl semi-precious stones - with a s-hook clasp

Back to the office – Excited or Freaking Out?

Back to the office – beat those butterflies in the stomach with your favourite piece of jewellery Back to the office – Whether you…

Back to the office – beat those butterflies in the stomach with your favourite piece of jewellery

Back to the office – Whether you are looking forward to it or not, there is no doubt that returning to the workplace will be this year’s highlight in our fashion lives. Have you already planned what you’ll be wearing on your first day back, and going forward?

August bank holiday means pretty much the end of the summer in the UK.

School starts again next week and I don’t know about you but I have always had mixed feelings that time of year – a strange combination of excitement and of nostalgia, already (!)

We have finally been able to travel (at least somewhat), reunite with loved ones and celebrate. Now is time to say goodbye to remote working and to that ‘from-the waist-up’ look which we have become experts in putting together for those Zoom meetings over the past 18+ months.

So, what to wear when back with colleagues?

While before COVID we used to dress mainly based on external factors (weather, others, etc), we changed during lockdown for more personal choices.

According to fashion psychologists, the world opening up again is an opportunity to rethink our style and look. You’ll be bound to experience a whirlwind of emotions – both positive and negative. The way you dress can indeed help you maintain your mental and emotional well-being In practice that means aligning your outer appearance with your inner self. There are essentially 2 ways to do so:  

  • either you dress in order to boost your moral and self-confidence. Go full on and wear your most stunning clothes and jewels!
  • or you dress depending on your mood. You will therefore wear bright colours, tailored outfits and layered jewellery when you are feeling upbeat. Alternatively you will opt for a more neutral colour palette, daintier jewellery and a casual chic look when you are having an off day.

Regardless of how you want to play it, what you want is a soft transition back into the ‘real world’.

The solution is to accessorise your outfit with your favourite piece of jewellery!

It can be your engagement ring, an heirloom, a charm, a piece set with your birthstone, a gemstone with a special spiritual meaning or symbol, etc. Whatever it is, its strong emotional value will help make you feel more connected, grounded and serene.

Want some inspiration? Take a look at our edit of gemstone jewellery and find your birthstone or favourite colour. We also have a special range ‘Scheherazade’ that doubles up as talisman jewellery as it revolves around the lucky number 7. Discover it here.

Now that you know, what will be your choice of jewellery for that back to the office day? I would love it if you can tell me in the comments below. It is always so fascinating to discover your stories.

Welcome back!

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