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Nought Chain Sautoir Necklace – Silver, Hematite and Carnelian

A 105cm long sautoir necklace for a wealth of options to wear!

Incredibly soft and lightweight with a beautiful flow

Extremely elegant and flattering, it elongates the silhouette for a nod to the Roaring 1920s or the Eclectic 1970s.

A symbol of women’s empowerment and self-expression.


Materials & their benefits

Solid sterling silver and natural quality hematite and carnelian stones.

Note that I have thread all the gemstones onto silver wire. That way you won’t risk stretching the necklace, especially when cleaning it yourself. Please refer to the Care page. It also gives the necklace more personality.

Hematite has very strong grounding energy. It also has a cooling and calming effect, as well as helps develop concentration and focus. It is a zodiac stone for Aries and Aquarius.

Carnelian is a stabilising stone that restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It helps in trusting yourself and your perceptions. Carnelian is a zodiac stone for Virgo.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


approx 105cm long.


Note that each necklace is fully handmade by myself to order and that the gemstones are earth mined and natural which makes them totally unique. Except therefore small variations from the images.

Nought Chain Sautoir Necklace 


This fabulous chain sautoir necklace is part of the Nought range.

I wanted to create a very long necklace because I find this kind of necklaces extremely elegant and very versatile.

The result is a gorgeously tactile necklace that is over a meter’s long, incredibly soft and with a beautiful flow.

The vibrant orange carnelian gemstones infuse energy and playfulness. Placed freely along the long sautoir, they are like little berries and give the necklace its personality and charm.

I have added a sleek hook fastening so that you can also wear it wrapped in layers.

Who is the stylish Nought chain sautoir necklace for

You have a keen eye for quality and are looking for a statement necklace that you can style as you want.

With this sautoir necklace, you will experience the luxury of handmade chains. Trust me, you won’t look back.

What is more, it is super flattering and elongates the silhouette instantly.

A nod to the Roaring 1920s or the eclectic 1970s, this sautoir necklace is a celebration of women’s empowerment and self-expression.

It is one of those jewellery wardrobe pieces that you will want to invest in!

How to wear it

With its mix of dark moody grey and luminous juicy orange red, it is the ideal necklace for any season.

Nothing says drama more than just wearing it on its own, extra long, to outline a plunging neckline or back.

If you want to distract the eye from your bust or waistline area, stack it with other shorter chunkier necklaces.

You can also wrap it in layers. Play with the length of each layer to make it your own. The images will give you some styling ideas.

It folds easily in a pouch so that you can keep it in your handbag for any last-minute plans.

Pair it with the striking Graphic Rose Cocktail Earrings for a dressed-up look.


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