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Limited Editions & One-Offs

You will find here limited editions and one-off pieces. They are usually the starting point of a new collection. Whilst true to Essemgé’s visual identity, they have a more exuberant look, either by the materials or techniques used, or by their overall bolder design.


Considered as Art jewellery.

Art jewellery emphasises creative expression and design. It is characterised by the use of a variety of materials, often commonplace or of low economic value, by contrast with  “precious materials” (such as gold, silver and gemstones) in conventional or fine jewellery, where the value of the object is tied to the value of the materials from which it is made.

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These pieces are part of Essemgé ‘ s DNA. Not only will you make an amazing investment, but you will also make a statement by choosing jewellery that is resolutely sustainable.

Enjoy browsing and start collecting art jewellery ! –  each piece is a one-off and won’t be repeated . The collection is made of materials that have been recycled or repurposed, and therefore in limited supply or totally unique. The intention is to make designs that are eye-catching and inspiring statements in a sustainable eco-friendly way, not to make countless examples.


Here I have experimented with a range of materials, both precious and non-precious. In particular I have used materials like aluminium, silicone rubber or neodymium magnets, that were originally meant for the industry.

I have used the intrinsic properties and benefits of these unconventional materials to turn them into pieces of jewellery that are eye-catching and unique but above all wearable and super stylish.

These non-traditional materials have thrown some challenges and restrictions to using conventional jewellery making processes. I had to overcome these limitations and find solutions to keep the designs interesting and the pieces still practical to wear.

Aluminium for instance doesn’t usually convey an idea of luxury when used in jewellery. It actually has many advantages including incredible lightness, non toxicity and durability . Introduced in the 1850s, it cost more than gold ! Shiny and light compared to other metals, it was an ideal metal for jewellery. Time to bring it back!

Please note that, some of the materials used will bear the marks of their previous lives. This will add character and uniqueness to the pieces that will be made out of them.