Make 2021 Pantone colours yours! Discover how below.

2021 will be ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating’ according to Pantone

Don’t know what I am talking about and what Pantone is? Pantone is a US company that provides a universal language of colour for identifying, matching and communicating colours consistently across industries.

That’s official, Pantone has set the tone for 2021 with 2 colours – ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating’, or ‘Grey’ and ‘Yellow’ in short for you and me.

There is a lot to be said about this particular colour combination and why it has been considered a relevant indicator for this year’s trends. Dezeen, the architecture and design magazine, explores the psychology behind Pantone’s choice and the contrasting emotions associated with these 2 shades – grey & yellow – in the context of the pandemic.

Neutral and Bold – a winning combination

On a more personal level, have you ever considered the grey and yellow colour duo, maybe as your interior deco or your wardrobe? Already a big fan? Fabulous! I have got more for you to come. But if you are not, then consider this – it is a match made in heaven! Why? Because they strike the perfect balance between neutral and bold. You don’t have to be one or the other but you can actually be both! It is then a matter of personal taste to choose which one is the base colour and which one is the accent colour.

Why you will love mix metal jewellery

Apply that same principle to jewellery now. While there was a time when mixing metals would have been a fashion faux-pas, it is now regarded as a smart choice and here is why.

  • Instant wardrobe update

The contrasting colours make for a dynamic and edgy styling at any age. It is a great excuse to start layering silver and gold rings!

South London Independent Jeweller - Set of 3 rings on 3 fingers - black,gold,silver

Striped Textured Ring

from left to right – in oxidised sterling silver, solid 18k yellow gold and polished sterling silver

  • Wallet-friendly

Little upgrades like touches of 18k yellow gold in a sterling silver piece can go a long way to add extra glamour without breaking the bank.

Gold and Silver Striped Bow Ring - seen from the side - on white background

Gold and Silver Bow Ring

A graphic and modern makeover of the feminine and delicate bow shape, for an instant update and edge.

  • Versatile and sustainable

Each day is different, like yourself. The sleek sophisticated silver and the uplifting seductive yellow gold will take you from office to evening gracefully, giving you more wear out of your jewellery.

Gold & Silver Graphic Rose Studs - on dark grey background

Gold and Silver Graphic Rose Stud Earrings

The addition of gold takes these earrings to another level without being ostentatious.

  • Flattering with all eye, skin and hair colours

By combining the warm glow of the yellow gold with the fresh look of the silver or white gold you will save yourself time and headaches trying to figure out what suits you best!

Maxi-Silver-&-Gold-Striped-Ribbed-Studs-one stud worn on left ear

Gold and Silver Striped Studs

Eponymous of elegance and sophistication. Quality and timeless.


Now is your turn to have a go and try out mixing gold and silver to your heart’s content if you haven’t already. There is no right or wrong, just personal preferences! That is the beauty of it. If you have hit on a new favourite combination, please do share it by leaving a comment below. It will inspire others to follow suit.