Get behind the scenes

Get behind the scenes – I am pleased to be sharing with you a fresh, hot of the press sneek peak of the new workshop that I am now working from.


The short video gives you a brief overview of my new set-up. I don’t usually share what my benchspace looks like. However in the current environment I felt that it was important to share some of my personal experience with you. Get behind the scenes and you will know where it all happens and where the collections are created. Essemgé will be more than a name to you!

We now operate from Creekside, Deptford which is a unique artistic and cultural area of South East London, steeped with historic character and industrial heritage.

Short video of my new bench / workshop . No filter applied! It is exactly as shown, so very much an ‘atelier’ with all the tools and most of the equipment that I need to work.


With COVID-19 and like most micro independent businesses I have had to adapt Essemgé’s operations to the new environment. In order to make Essemgé as future-proof as can be, I decided to move my workshop much closer to where I live. An opportunity occured that made it possible and I moved mid July to the new place.


I won’t go into the details of the move but I am sure you can picture that packing 5 years of one’s working life doesn’t fit in a suitcase alone! 🙂 That said it was a very fruitful exercise. In the midst of all that chaos of getting ready, I found that tidying, packing and unpacking meant rediscovering things long forgotten. What a bonus! The process could have been tedious but I actually found it quite meditative and healing in some way. Starting afresh is always wonderful to reinvigorate one’s energy and inspiration. Such a blessing in those unsettling times!

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