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Silver Wave Ring

One of a kind, available in UK ring size N only.

Sculptural and dramatic, the perfect accessory to shine at your next cocktail party.

A collectors piece.


In stock

Materials & their benefits

Solid sterling silver.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


One of a kind piece. There is just that one ring, in UK ring size N.

Approx 2.5cm X 1.5cm wide 1cm high

square section ring band.


Designed and handmade in my South East London atelier

Silver Wave Ring


This one of a kind striking Silver Wave Ring is part of the Rebellion collection.

Originally inspired by the spring coil shape.

The Rebellion collection offers a fresh interpretation. It retains the striped ribbed tactile texture and gentle round curves of the spring coil, and condenses these features into a new refined and graphic form.

Here I have hand-formed a sizeable silver coil that I have then hand-sawn in halves to create a convex / concave wave shape.

The result is very sculptural, and has a great sense of movement and drama as the light plays with the curves and ridges .

Who is this unique Wave ring for

For those who like their jewellery bold, modern and quirky yet highly wearable.

The Wave ring mixes nautical with urban. The stripes and shape bring images of the sea, and the sleek crisp finish is resolutely modern and strong .

Rings are also brilliant to experiment with a new style before fully committing to it.

The reason for that is that usually jewellery is admired by others than the wearer.

Rings by contrast are amongst the few jewellery that you can enjoy looking at whilst actually wearing it.

How to wear it

Your Wave ring will make a statement in any setting. You know that you have a perfect icebreaker for your next cocktail party if you need.

My advice is to wear it on its own, on the index finger, middle finger or ring finger, so that you can really create that sense of drama and be admired

You can play with the way you want the wave to sit on your hand, either will look just as good.

Note that the ‘wave’ shape is more compact than you might think. It will not cover your other fingers

You can also pair it with the matching silver U stud earrings


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