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Silver Bowknot Ring

One of a kind.

Only 2 rings available: UK ring sizes N and P.

Oh so Couture, it celebrates the 1980s exuberance and daring attitude.

Wear it on your middle finger or index finger. Simply fabulous!


Materials & their benefits

Sustainable solid sterling silver in a contrasting matt and shiny finish

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


Only 2 rings available: UK ring sizes N and P

approx 25mm L x 15mm W x 8mm H.


Designed and handmade in my South East London atelier.

Silver Bowknot Ring


This statement silver Bowknot ring is one of a kind.

With this ring and the matching ear studs, I wanted to dust off the classic bowknot shape and give it a fresh look.

Bows, and knots in general, are ancient symbols of strength, unions, loyalty and beauty.

I have purposefully designed the bowknot to sit parallel to the finger, rather than the more classic perpendicular way. Not only does it flatter and elongate your fingers, it also gives the ring a striking Couture look.

I have also played with the finish, and contrasted matt and shiny surfaces, which really elevates the whole design. The result is visually very graphic and impactful.

You will find another interpretation of the bowknot shape in the Rebellion collection here. In that iteration I have used sections of hand-coiled silver spirals that I have layered in a criss-cross fashion to create a bow-like effect.

Who is this fabulous silver bowknot ring for

Minimalism isn’t your cup of tea. Instead you like a bit of drama. Maybe do you even wish you were a 1980s child to relive its exuberance and daring attitude? Or you are a fan of the frivolous 18th century Rococo ‘Marie-Antoinette’ fashion style?

Then this statement cocktail ring is made for you !

Did you realise that rings are actually the only pieces of jewellery that you, the wearer, can actually enjoy looking at rather than be exclusively admired by others.

For that reason they are brilliant for you to test a new style and get a feel for it.

Like all the pieces from the Bow range, the look of this ring is falsely demure and will be your instant confidence booster.

How to wear it

Wear it with any outfit, whenever you feel like it! It is the kind of ring that is joyful, slightly over the top, and will put a smile on your face every time.

Whether that’s with your office wear or a more dressed up look style, your Bowknot ring will make a statement in any setting.

You will love the details in the design that give this spectacular ring all its charm.

Note the ring band. I have finished it to a high shine so that it becomes like a natural extension of the bowknot ribbon.

Wear it on your ring finger for a classic look, or on your middle or index finger for a more individual look. Its size is ideal for that. Only 2 rings available: in UK sizes N and P. Be quick and pick yours today.

You can also pair it with the matching Silver Bowknot Stud Earrings for a coordinated look.


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