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Oval Coil Stud Earrings

A future great classic to add to your collection.

Wear these fabulous coil earrings whenever you need to be boardroom-ready and look polished in no time.

I call them ‘sophistication with an edge’.  Enjoy!

Also available as dangling earrings here.


Materials & their benefits

Handmade in recycled solid sterling silver

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.

On ear posts and silicone stops for ease and comfort.


c 12mm H x 12mm L x 8mm W

Designed and handmade to order in my South East London atelier

Oval Coil Stud Earrings

Beautifully sculptural, these coil earrings are like little pillows that glisten in the light as you move, showing their attractive ribbed texture.

Hand coiled from solid sterling silver.

Their tactile texture and linear pattern are almost hypnotic . You won’t resist!

They are part of the Mystery collection, where you can find more swirl and spiral shaped designs to pair them with.

Who are these coil earrings for

You want something a little different, that has an edge yet is highly wearable and feminine.

These sophisticated coil earrings deliver just that.

You will exude style and chic, feeling quietly confident and assertive with just that little bit of je-ne-sais-quoi that will make you very attractive. Get ready to be admired.

In fact, the whole Mystery collection is your best ally! Statement, urban with a soft industrial look, it brings city chic to a new level.

Like the look but prefer dangle earrings? No problem, you can find them here

How to wear them

This pair of coil earrings is a great choice to complement your office wear and make you feel on top of your game .

Prime quality and discreet enough, perfect for high-flying corporate environments without compromising on personality .

Wear them and you will be able to tackle those challenges head-on, successfully and confidently, feeling full of energy and focused on your goals .

They will be part of your signature style , that you can rely on when life sometimes feels complicated.


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