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Black and White Spiral Necklace

One-off piece. Don’t wait or you will miss out !

Oozes edgy black and white sophistication.


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Materials & their benefits

Fully hand made from sustainable solid sterling silver, natural howlite and hematite gemstones.

Each silver spring coil has been formed by hand and oxidised.

The stone beads have been thread onto silver wire. That way you won’t risk stretching the necklace. It also gives the necklace more personality in its movement and flow.

Howlite, also known as Magnesite, is considered a calming stone that can help reduce stress levels. It is also the birthstone for Gemini.

Hematite has very strong grounding energy. It is a zodiac stone for Aries and Aquarius.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.

Oxidised sterling silver: the colour will not come off. It is completely safe to wear on your skin, clothes etc. However please note that each item is made by hand and oxidation cannot give 100% identical results each time, which adds charm and character to the piece.


approx 80cm long, with 16x8mm howlite beads.

c.80grm total weight. Remains very comfortable to wear with the cooling effect of the beads and the gentle flow of the piece.

Secured by a gorgeous hand made toggle clasp.


Designed and handmade in my South East London atelier.

Black and White Spiral Necklace


This stunning Black and White Spiral Necklace is a one-off piece, part of the Mystery collection.

The design contrasts and balances the industrial-looking dark silver spring coils with the natural light-coloured howlite gemstone beads.

The starting point for this particular necklace was the sourcing of those beautiful beads. They are from totally natural, untreated and undyed howlite. The stone has simply been carved into smooth matte solid chunky tubes, a rather unusual shape for this kind of stone.

These stone beads are a statement in their own right. The challenge was to complement them in an creative and interesting way.

I have played on colours and textures but kept the size even and consistent across the whole necklace.

Using darker elements, namely silver spirals and tiny faceted charcoal grey hematite spacer beads, has effectively further enhanced the natural beauty of those marbled beads.

Who is this unique Black and White Spiral Necklace for

This necklace has a strong personality, and will instantly get you noticed and admired.

It will appeal to those who want a powerful piece of jewellery that has impact and is unique without being over the top.

The black and white colour contrast gives a very sophisticated and timeless feel.

It is a proper collector’s piece that needs to be seen, touched and worn to be fully appreciated. The choice of materials, the combination of shapes, textures and colours, the proportions and harmony of the design, this black and white spiral necklace is full of details that you will discover over time and love.

For example have you seen the little beads of shiny hematite in between the large white marbled stones? They add a subtle sparkle to the whole necklace that brings it alive.

You will also like the way the necklace moves and flows. I have thread the stones onto silver wire instead of traditional beading cord. The sections of stones and silver are not all regular as well, and that on purpose. Both contribute in visually reducing the appearance of bulkiness of the necklace and making it more dynamic.

How to wear it

With its opera length, also called diaphragm length, the black and white spiral necklace will outline a waist, enhance a bodice, or finish off a very polished look.

Fabulous with a little black dress. Why not try it also with an evening trouser suit for a dramatic look?

And if you needed more convincing as to why you should invest in such a piece then the fact that this necklace is deceptively versatile and easy to style will win you over. Its colour combination will suit any season, meaning you can wear it whenever you want. Sophisticated and sustainable.

Wear it on its own or paired with the matching Spring Coil Stud Earrings here.


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