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Round Coil Stud Earrings – Silver

One-off piece.

Edgy minimalism yet feminine and highly wearable.


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Materials & their benefits

Sustainable solid sterling silver.

On silver ear posts and silicone ear backs for comfort and ease.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


approx 15mm diam x 7mm width


Please refer to the instructions here.

Designed and handmade in my South East London atelier

Round Coil Stud Earrings – Silver


These delightful Round Coil Stud Earrings are a one-off creation, part of the Mystery collection .

I have hand coiled silver rosette shapes to create miniature sculptures that you can actually wear! They are airy and have a dream quality to them. Their ribbed texture invites the touch . Their gentle roundness catches the light with your every move, giving them presence.

Who are these unique earrings for

They are for those who want something a little different, that has an edge yet is highly wearable.

You have an eye for the unique and for beautiful craftsmanship. You invest and collect pieces that have a story, and have been made with soul and care.

The round coil stud earrings are an example of that. Each rosette is fully hand coiled and traditionally soldered from silver wire.

In this particular pair I have coiled the wire into tight rosettes so that the shapes are fuller, denser than if I had kept the coils looser. The result is visually more impactful but also the shapes themselves more durable and stronger so that you can enjoy wearing them time and time again.

It is all those little details in the design and the making that you will just love.

How to wear them

This pair of round coil studs is the ideal choice to complement your office wear and make you feel on top of your game .

Quality and subtle, they are perfect for high-flying corporate environments without compromising on personality.

Wear them and you will be able to tackle those challenges head-on , successfully and confidently, feeling full of energy and focused on your goals.

They will be part of your signature style, that you can rely on when life sometimes feels complicated.

On their own or paired with the Stripes ring for more impact, you won’t regret your investment.

Like the rosette shape but stud earrings are not for you? Not a problem, you can find the Round Coil Dangle Earrings here , also a one-off piece with labradorite gemstones.



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