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NOUGHT is one of our signature jewellery ranges because it gives you so many ways to build your own collection, from every day starter streamlined pieces to more elaborate statement adornments.

The name ‘NOUGHT’ refers to the flat washer-like rings that are ubiquitous in this range.

Graphic straight lines alternate with organic circles to create a striking rhythm as your eyes move along the piece of jewellery.

The edges are square rather than round. That way the light bounces on the flat surfaces and the clean edges, giving extra definition and character. Even our simpler pieces like the Nought Stud Earrings are elevated and full of personality.

Who for

For the strong woman in you!

NOUGHT is quietly assertive, like yourself. You know your worth and are not afraid to stand for your values and beliefs. NOUGHT could not be more suited to help you shine.

How to wear it

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Leonardo da Vinci)

I am a great believer in what I call ‘strategic minimalism’. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t have to be bland and boring to be effective. The range includes a limited number of distinctive pieces, including our NOUGHT modular necklace, that enable you to mix and match at will.

You can choose to wear just one element or, on the contrary, go full on, layering and contrasting colours and lengths.

Meaning beyond the design

Did you know that straight lines were essentially man-made while circles are predominantly found in nature?

In numerology ‘Nought’ or the number ‘0’ is associated with being entirely on the right path, and with heading towards the best version of yourself.

So head to our shop and find the piece that is meant for you.

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