Essemgé off to the USA!

Our fabulous Bowknot Ring will be competing in the highly anticipated Battle of the Rings annual event organised by US-based Danaca Design Studio. There will be only one champion. May the best ring win!

Silver Bowknot Ring - on model by hand. sustainable solid sterling silver. Part of the Strength collection

Battle of the Rings runs from 4th to 29th April 2022. It is a head-to-head, tournament style, single-elimination juried competition and virtual event held on Instagram. There is a total of 64 rings from designers all over the world. Each ring has been carefully selected and paired for the competition into daily “The Shanks and The Mandrels” matches.

Want to support Essemgé? Nothing easier, it is all below. Caveat: you will need an Instagram account. Here is a link that explains the procedure. If you need assistance, please get in touch and I will be happy to assist:

How to support Essemgé

1. VOTE!

The tournament is set in 3 Rounds – Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 -, and Finals.

Essemgé will compete in match 32, the last match of Round 1, on Saturday 16 April 2022. You will have 24 hours to vote, from 9am Pacific time / 5pm BST on that day, and support Essemgé into the next round.

All voting happens online, at the Danaca Design Studio Instagram account only @danacadesignstudio. Voting happens through Danaca Design Studio Instagram Stories.

While in the app on the 16th April, tap the flower icon above Danaca Design Studio account name.

This will reveal the current story ie match 32.

Vote by tapping “TOP” or “BOTTOM” OR “LEFT” or “RIGHT” in the poll.  

You can view the poll multiple times before voting but you can only vote once. 

The winner of the Instagram poll advances into the next round. 

2. BUY!

Love it so much that you cannot wait? Then treat yourself and purchase the ring here and now. That will not affect the competition but will certainly make you and I very happy indeed!


Now that you are Instagram savvy, you can use or follow the hashtags: 

#battleoftherings2022 #ringsmackdown2022 #essemge #essemgexme #imacontender #oneringtorulethemall 

So stay tuned for our next instalment and Round 2!