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Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Jewellery and Working Out - My Top Tips

Jewellery and Working Out – My Top Tips

Whilst changing to work out at my local gym recently, I was taking my jewellery off, in particular my rings, storing them securely away….

Whilst changing to work out at my local gym recently, I was taking my jewellery off, in particular my rings, storing them securely away. I realised that I was doing it automatically every single time. It made me think ‘why’? ‘Why was I acting that way?’ Immediately followed by, ‘what were other people doing in similar circumstances’?

Too good an opportunity to miss, so let’s explore together the topic of ‘jewellery and working out’, which I trust will resonate with many of you. Think about it. We can all agree that, broadly speaking, any form of exercise implies sweat, movement and putting pressure on the limbs. Once you are aware of that, then you understand why chosing the ‘right’ jewellery matters.

Obviously I am not advocating to not exercise nor to wear jewellery only for special occasions. That would be way too sad or unhealthy! Just to be mindful of the pros and cons of embracing jewellery in our active lifestyles. As a jewellery designer maker who values quality and durability, let me give you my tips on how to best enjoy your jewellery safely whilst working out.

Expressing Personal Style: The Power of Gym Jewellery

Who hasn’t been influenced by social media? Obviously we all are! So when an influencer shares their fitness regime wearing their favourite jewellery with their gym outfit, of course we are incentivised to do the same. When I step into the gym, it’s not just about breaking a sweat; it’s about expressing my unique personality. Let’s delve deeper into why incorporating jewellery into a workout routine can be empowering.

The Upside: Pros of Sporting Jewellery at the Gym

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Jewellery and Working Out - My Top Tips

Boosting Confidence and Motivation

  • Jewellery whilst working out can serve as a personal motivator, reminding you of your strength and determination.
  • Wearing a favourite pieces can uplift the mood and motivate you to push harder during challenging sessions.

Enhancing Style and Transitioning Effortlessly

  • Stylish jewellery effortlessly transitions from gym to social outings, allowing you to maintain your distinctive look throughout the day.
  • Choosing pieces that complement your gym attire adds a touch of glamour and individuality to a workout ensemble.

The Downside of Wearing Jewellery and Working Out: Cons and Considerations

Safety Concerns and Potential Risks

  • Certain pieces, like dangling earrings, large rings or long necklaces, may get caught and pose risks during vigorous exercises.
  • Similarly rings can get distorted with weight-lifting or other heavy duty exercise
  • To mitigate safety concerns, opt for lightweight and secure jewellery options that don’t hinder your movements.

Wear and Tear

  • Regular sweat and movement can impact jewellery durability over time. Most metals will oxidise with sweat, staining your skin (and potentially clothing too) black or green. Sweat can also cause an allergic reaction to the metal.
  • Jewellery featuring gemstones is particularly fragile. You may not only damage, or even crack, the stone when applying pressure, but you may also end up losing it if the setting is a little worn.
Essemgé Designer Jeweller | Jewellery and Working Out - My Top Tips

Selecting Gym-Friendly Jewellery: Tips for Active Women

Before delving into it, let’s clarify that this blog focuses on precious jewellery ie made of solid high purity precious metal and excludes fitness-specific accessories like fitness watches, earphones or medical jewellery.

Navigating the balance between style and practicality is key. Here are some tips for choosing jewellery that complements your active lifestyle:

  • Prioritize lightweight, non-dangling pieces like stud earrings or minimalistic bracelets.
  • Opt for materials such as platinum, aluminium or silicone that are durable, sweat-resistant and hypoallergenic.
  • Consider removable jewellery for intense workout sessions to avoid potential hazards.
  • Solid pieces are more sturdy than chains
  • Ensure to clean and maintain your pieces regularly to prevent damage. Check our ‘Jewellery Care’ page here for more detailed advice.
  • For swimming or water-related activities, please refer to my other blog ‘Jewellery & Water – Friends or Enemies’ for specific tips and precautions.

My personal favourites

if I were to wear any jewellery whilst working out would be a cute pair of studs such as the Candy, the Nought or the Torus earrings .

They suit any face shape and age, won’t get caught on anything, very unlikely to cause any allergic reaction and are easy to clean afterwards, just perfect!

Final Thoughts: Safety First

In conclusion, while jewellery can be a style statement, safety should always be a priority.

I don’t have a gym-friendly specific jewellery range, but all of the pieces that I create are made of solid precious metal, are high quality and durable. Essemgé jewellery signature style is distinctive, focusing primarily on the design, with just a hint of gemstones as accents. This aesthetic choice makes the jewellery more recognisable but also inherently more durable than if it had more stones. It is also more versatile so that you can still wear it and work out!

By understanding the pros and cons, choosing high-quality pieces, and prioritizing safety, we can elevate our gym style while staying true to ourselves and our values.

Share those tips with your friends and gym buddies! Remember to subscribe to the fortnightly little golden nugget of delight that I am sending (aka the ‘newsletter’) and be part of the #EssemgeXMe insider club. The link is here. See you soon in our lovely community x

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