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Essemgé Designer Jeweller | What summer jewellery to take on holiday

What summer jewellery to take on holiday

A quirky ring, a playful necklace and a pair of fabulous earrings are my top 3 key summer jewellery pieces to shine all summer…

A quirky ring, a playful necklace and a pair of fabulous earrings are my top 3 key summer jewellery pieces to shine all summer and style your vacation outfits stress free! Let me tell you why.

You are packing for your summer break. You are so looking forward to that holiday, away from the day-to-day routine. Instead you will have the time to do whatever you fancy, be it lazing by the sea in the sunshine or actively exploring new destinations. You have been planning it for months or decided to go on a whim. Whichever way you do it, you know it is going to be good. When you close your eyes, you are there, having the most perfect time. Endless days filled with gorgeous weather, stunning views and great company… The good life !

However, like every year, there is that dreaded packing stage to go through first.

And, as per usual, you started with the best of intentions. You had decided to keep your suitcase to a minimal with just a few essentials. However that soon got forgotten because you could not decide between the latest trend, the old favourites and a bit of everything just in case. You have tried on absolutely everything in your wardrobe. At the end of the fitting session you find yourself tired and frustrated, standing in the middle of what looks like pure chaos but with either a very empty or an overfilled suitcase!

Does that sound familiar? I am with you. Enough with that frustration and pointless stress once and for all! That is why I have come up with a very simple but effective plan that I am going to share with you. It is not a recipe with strict measuring of ingredients. Think of it as a guide that encourages some freestyling. The beauty of it is that it gives you a framework, that you can adapt and refine at will. Basically I start with what I want, and then I edit with what I need.

As a general rule, what you want from your wardrobe when travelling is style, versatility, easy maintenance and safety. In short, peace of mind. You want to be free to fully enjoy that special time. So nothing overly complicated, fussy and fragile that you could risk loosing or worse still have stolen. No mean feat but achievable with some strategic summer jewellery choices. You will be able to style them easily with any vacation outfit.

My top 3 key summer jewellery pieces that will cover all bases are

  • a quirky ring
  • a playful necklace
  • a pair of fabulous cocktail earrings

Let me explain why these are your summer jewellery essentials.

When you hear ‘summertime’, what first comes to mind? Sunshine, bright blue skies, warm evenings and hot days, vibrant colours, flowy light cotton or linen dresses, sandals, pimms cocktails, ice-creams, barbecues with family and friends … I could carry on but you get the idea.

After the rejuvenating feeling of Spring, Summer tastes indulgent, abundant, positive. Your mood is happier, you feel more confident but also dreamier and ready to enjoy life at a inner deeper level.

Summer holiday is the perfect time to reset and experience. Go for colourful, bigger and bolder pieces that you would not necessarily feel comfortable wearing the rest of the year. Embrace the opportunity to try out a new style, experiment and trust your inner creativity. You will love it!

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | What summer jewellery to take on holiday

A quirky ring

is the perfect day to night summer jewellery. Keep things simple and wear it on its own. That way you don’t have to worry about coordinating it with anything else. And, by choosing something a little different and unique, you actually create your whole look with that one jewellery piece. Another advantage of going for slightly eccentric is that it is a talking piece that exudes positive vibes. It will attract people who will want to connect with you.

Have you seen the delightful Petal ring ? It is the ring you want on your summer break – it is joyful, eye-catching and surprisingly sophisticated. It is also ultra-comfortable and waterproof. The ring band is made from recycled industrial silicone rubber. It means that you can forget to take it off when going for a dip. What is more it will fit more easily over the finger knuckles even with the heat.

A playful necklace

because nothing beats a colourful necklace to make your summer vacation outfit pop. With a dewy sun-kissed skin, delicate fabric and summer necklines, your statement necklace has never looked so good. Again, keep things simple and wear it on its own. Let it do all the heavy-lifting for you. Choose a vibrant and cheerful design that will take you from day to night effortlessly.

I have created the Drape Multirow Necklace with exactly that in mind. Whether you are brunching at the beach cafe, off to do some shopping, site seeing or dressing up for an alfresco dinner you can rely on it to style your outfit. Made of soft lightweight comfortable silicone rubber with delightful twinkling silver charms and a beautiful hook clasp, this necklace is a great summer jewellery piece that you will enjoy wearing all year round.

Essemgé Designer Jeweller | What summer jewellery to take on holiday
Essemgé Designer Jeweller | What summer jewellery to take on holiday

A pair of fabulous cocktail earrings

They are a summertime indulgence that will make your heart sing and your soul feel awake, so go for them! You have my full support. Especially if the rest of the year you are quite conservative and wear mainly ear studs. Time to go a little flamboyant with some seriously spectacular earrings and you are ready for long summer evenings and romantic dinners. Choose preferably dangle earrings, they have a beautiful and attractive flow as you move.

The glorious Sea Breeze Cocktail Earrings are exactly what you need. They ooze glamour and joyful exuberance. Their raw texture glitters like the sea in the sunshine. You will feel like a fairytale mermaid every time you put them on.

With these 3 summer jewellery styles you are now ready to enjoy that vacation, and all future ones, to the fullest! No more anxiety over excess or oversized baggage now. It will feel like a breeze! Not only will you be able to pack in no time, but you will also become a reference amongst your friends who will consult you for some savvy advice and you will have plenty of room left in that luggage to bring back plenty of souvenirs. That is what I call a win-win all around! Wouldn’t you agree?

Don’t wait and start your strategic summer jewellery shopping now.

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