The inspiration

behind Rebellion comes from the industrial spring coil, a shape that fascinates me and that is at the core of another star collection, ‘Mystery’ (available here).

Rebellion focuses on the essence of a spiral – its tactile ribbed texture, appealing linear pattern and gentle curves – to create a new narrative.

The making process

Each piece of the collection starts as a full coil.

A section of precious metal wire is coiled by hand to create the desired spiral. I then carefully solder each layer of that spiral in order to create a ‘ribbed tube’.

The ‘tube’ is then sawed open length-ways into sections using a jeweller’s saw. Different stages of soldering, cleaning, filing and polishing take place as these sections of coil become new pieces of jewellery.

The result

is very Art-Deco / mid-century modern: pure, clean and sculptural.

Using segments, rather than whole coils, has opened up design possibilities. I can now arrange the fragments in a multitude of ways to produce exciting new styles. Not only that but in some instances I have mixed precious metals and used solid 18k yellow gold as an accent to enhance the design.

The collection also includes some fabulous gender-fluid pieces.

Meaning & Symbol

The name, “Rebellion”, refers to the symbol now attached to the stripe pattern – that of forward thinking, freedom and change.

The pattern has had a troubled past but grew to fashion staple status in the 1920s. Its graphic lines fitted the Art-Deco aesthetic and Coco Chanel further contributed to its popularity.

Think Breton stripes – their androgynous style and simple chicness are synonym for a nonchalant, cool and effortless lifestyle.

The Rebellion collection is just that: re-envisioned classics for everyday elegance. You are going to love it!