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The Rebellion collection is all about stripes. Why did I name this particular body of work ‘Rebellion’? Stripes have not always been associated with…

The Rebellion collection is all about stripes.

Why did I name this particular body of work ‘Rebellion’?

Stripes have not always been associated with summer, the sea and the holidays. They have a troubled past and it is only fairly recently that stripes have become everyone’s favourite fashion staple. Let me tell you more.

Meaning & Symbol behind the Rebellion collection

Originally, striped motifs were exclusively used to identify the outcasts.

However it grew to fashion staple status in the 1920s. Its graphic lines fitted the Art-Deco aesthetic and the fashion designer Coco Chanel further contributed to its popularity.

Stripes have now become a symbol of forward thinking, freedom and change. Naming the collection ‘Rebellion’ felt therefore quite fitting.

Think Breton stripes – their androgynous style and simple chicness are synonym for a nonchalant, cool and effortless lifestyle.

The Rebellion collection is just that: re-imagined classics for everyday elegance. You are going to love it!

The inspiration

behind Rebellion comes from further exploring coils and spirals, two shapes that fascinate me and which have influenced the ‘Mystery’collection.

Rebellion focuses on the essence of a spiral – its tactile ribbed texture, its appealing linear pattern and its gentle curves – to create a new narrative.

The making process

Each piece of the Rebellion collection starts as a full coil.

I hand coil a length of precious metal wire to create the desired spiral. I then carefully solder each layer of that spiral in order to create a solid tube.

The next step involves hand sawing that tube open length-ways into sections using a jeweller’s saw. Each section of silver stripes goes through a number of processes. These would include soldering, cleaning, filing and polishing before a new piece of jewellery is finally created.

The result

is very Art-Deco / mid-century modern: pure, clean and sculptural.

Rebellion may have initially started as an extension to the Mystery collection. It is now however a fully fledged collection, with its own concept and aesthetic. By being curious and taking apart a coil to see what else could be created from it has opened up design possibilities and exciting new styles.

The collection is available in plain solid silver, in dark silver, and in solid silver with solid 18k yellow gold accents. Each variation has a very different feel which means that you have even more choice .

The collection also includes some fabulous gender-fluid pieces.

Rebellion has never felt so good. Check for yourself now.

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