Commissioning a ring – Draw me a ring!

That’s right. Because that is exactly what it is. It is in your head yet you don’t know how to explain it nor what it exactly look like but you know when you have found it!

Setting the Scene

You have a big date coming up, and dream of THE ring that will mark the occasion. Exciting and scary at the same time. Where do you start?

What you want is finding the right professional who will listen, guide and inspire you with ideas of the type of rings that you could have made, just for you.

How We Can Help

We adapt our approach to you, your uniqueness, who you are, your aspirations and your lifestyle.

We will first set a comprehensive consultation. Based on what you have shared, we will then draw a selection of 4 propositions of designs.

These initial sketches will be drawn to size so that you can better visualise the final result. That stage is critical. It allows to refine the design. The actual making of your dream ring will only happen once you have signed off on a specific design.

Show Me Examples of Bespoke Rings

Scenario: You love the colour blue, antiques and want a sizeable pear-shaped aquamarine cabochon to be centre stage of your new ring.

Scenario #1

Your favourite era is the Victorian period. You want a ring with a strong sentimental meaning (the heart shape) but that is also resolutely modern, hence your choice of bezel setting.

Scenario #2

You like anything Victorian, particularly the Medieval Revival aesthetic and the poetic concept of ‘courtly love’. Tiaras are your ultimate fantasy, hence your choice for the re-intepretation of a fede ring.

Scenario #3

Antiques for you means the Edwardian era, with its Art Nouveau / Arts & Crafts flowing style. You know your William Morris and Margaret Mackintosh, hence your choice for a ring that is inspired by the movement.

I hope this has provided you with the confidence to go ahead and commission a fabulous ring that will be totally unique, just like its wearer!