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Mesh Cocktail Ring

One of a kind – UK ring size Q only

Pure 1980s / 1990s vibe, with a little Gothical revival touch.

Fabulous index finger ring.

Exudes femininity and authority.


In stock

Materials & their benefits

industrial aluminium mesh, sterling silver

lightweight, durable, comfortable and easy maintenance


Just one – ring size Q (UK)


Designed and handmade to order by Essemgé in the UK.

Statement Mesh Cocktail Ring


This statement mesh cocktail ring is one of a kind, which means there is only this unique piece.

It mixes precious and non-precious materials.

I have used recycled industrial aluminium mesh for its amazing see-through texture that sparkles in the light.

The mesh is folded into a cone and then set as a gemstone. You get the glamour and the sparkle of a more classic ring, just by using different textures of metals.

Who is this incredible statement cocktail ring for

For those who want a completely unique cocktail ring that is edgy yet remains wearable and feminine.

The cone shape is unmistakably associated with the Hollywood stars’ silhouettes of the 1940s and 1950s.

Ultra feminine and structured, it then became a symbol of female empowerment.

Remember when Madonna wore the now iconic cone shaped bra created by Jean Paul Gaultier in 1990?

This statement cocktail ring encapsulates that same idea.

What is more, it has a hidden secret that only you, the wearer, is able to truly enjoy. Look inside the ring and you will see the cone reflecting inside the silver cup, making the ring even more special.

How to wear it

It is the kind of statement cocktail ring that deserves to be centre stage.

My suggestion therefore is to wear it on its own. Its strong architectural lines would risk overshadowing any other ring.

It seats proud on the finger, so that you have the choice to wear it on your middle finger, or on your index finger for a Gothical revival medieval inspired look.

Note that I have set the cone in a deep cup, that way you can wear it safely.

Why not get the matching mesh cone necklace too? So that you have a true collectors set! Available in a separate listing


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