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Scheherazade Introducing ‘Scheherazade‘, a capsule collection that takes you on a journey to the Orient and the Thousand and One Nights tales. It is…


Introducing ‘Scheherazade‘, a capsule collection that takes you on a journey to the Orient and the Thousand and One Nights tales.

It is part of ‘Infinity‘, a broader collection that you can discover here.


I have long been fascinated by the ‘orientalism’ of the 19th century, and the ‘visions of the East by artists of the West’ as Christie’s defines it.

The Scheherazade capsule collection is my take on it, with pieces of jewellery that are relevant to today’s lifestyles but still convey the charm of the Orient wih its fascinating exoticism, opulence and rituals steeped in time.

Available in solid precious metals, the range focuses on the traditional ‘Semainier’ design and the symbolic number ‘7’.

‘Semainier’ is the French word for ‘week’, and all the pieces are made of 7 individual rings tied together with a permanent ribbon like the 7 days of the week.

Who for

Whether you like ancient traditions, look for a piece of jewellery with strong symbolism or simply love beautiful adornments that are slightly unusual, then the range is for you !

The ‘Semainier bracelet’ [or ‘Semainier’ in short] was, and still is, a very popular adornment in North Africa. It is said to be the silent witness of its wearer’s inner life. Women would traditionally alternate their ‘Semainier’ between arms each morning as a way to count the days of the week.

Did you know that the number ‘7’ is considered the luckiest number in most religions and cultures. It is also the spiriual symbol of inner life. Each piece of the range is like a little talisman.


Interestingly the range has developed on the back of the challenging times we have been through this year and the resulting desire for escapism. Our normality has been redefined. New ways are now mixing with old ones. Ancient traditions and beliefs are resurfacing, finding renewed purpose. That context has fed my imagination and spured me on to create a mini collection with soul and meaning.

I have designed each piece with a particular person in mind –

  • The earrings will get you Zoom-ready in no time. They are super flattering at any age, so think gifts to Millenials eg.
  • The rings are fabulous statement pieces that you can enjoy as cocktail rings or pinkie rings. Think anniversary or special life moment celebratory gift, like new mums or even alternative bridal jewellery.
  • The pendant necklace gives you so many options to wear. With its adjustable length you can layer it or wear on its own. It is the perfect modular piece of jewellery.
  • The bracelet is a delight to wear, playful, full of movement and with a glistening texture. Think Mother & Daughter matching bracelets ! My first ever piece created also for children and they will love it.


Enjoy feasting your eyes on the mini collection!

Note that we make all our pieces to order. Most of the pieces presented are in solid sterling silver 925 . Get in touch for a quote if you would like to have them in solid 18k yellow gold instead.

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