Graphic Squaring the Circle Ring


Make a statement with this graphic and stylish ring.

Designed and handmade by Essemgé in the UK.

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Graphic Squaring the Circle Ring

Its minimal lines will win you over. It is so versatile that you will find yourself wearing it all the time. With its subtle contrasting matt and satin silver finishes, you cannot go wrong. It will complement virtually every outfit. Simplicity at its best.

Unlike what it’s uncompromising strong design could suggest, this ring is surprisingly comfortable to wear. It is also a great little entertainer. I can guarantee that you’ll be playing with it a lot, rotating the rings around their riveted axe or experimenting new ways of wearings it – e.g. corners facing up and down, in a diamond shape style, as a thumb ring, etc… Be creative!

Suggested look: why not trying it with our Graphic Squaring the Circle earrings and/or Graphic Sophisticated Edgy double loop necklace, also available online.

Made from:

Aluminium and sterling silver.


Silver will oxydise over time. Use a silver cloth to get its colour back.

Aluminium does not tarnish. A wet cloth and pat drying will bring its sheen back.

Silicone rubber comes lightly talced to prevent dust gathering. If the silicone gets dirty it just needs to be wiped with a wet cloth, dried and gently talced again.

Designed and handmade by Essemgé in the UK.


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