Modern Rose Necklace Ring Set

Two of Essemgé ‘s finest pieces in one gorgeous set.

Delicate bridal jewellery, oozing charm and elegance, for your special day and beyond.

Inspired by the flowing lines and voluptuous curves of the Arts and Crafts.




Materials & their benefits

Solid sterling silver 925.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.


Necklace: approx 45cm long with a 15mm pendant

Ring: approx 12mm motif


Designed and hand crafted to order in my South East London atelier.

Modern Rose Necklace Ring Set



You get 2 of Essemgé ‘s finest pieces in this necklace and ring set.

I have included in that set the fabulous Modern Rose necklace, part of Essemgé signature style for convertible jewellery, and the irresistible matching ring with its rope band.

The Modern Rose design is part of the Mystery collection. It is a fresh and stylish take on the romantic English garden rose.

I have taken inspiration from the Arts & Crafts flowing lines and voluptuous curves to make the Modern Rose motif. It is actually 3 interlocking rings, thus creating a whirl full of movement, volume and texture.

The twisted ring shank complements the whole design and makes it unique.

The 3-ring design is a symbol of love, friendship and fidelity. It is also said to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship.

Who is the Necklace and Ring Set for

It is the perfect bridal jewellery that you have been dreaming of. It has everything you want for your special day, and beyond.

A strong meaning and a powerful symbolism, but also a gorgeous aesthetics, delicate and feminine.

The necklace and the ring are both incredibly versatile. You can wear the necklace multiple ways to fit your mood and lifestyle, and the ring instantly elevates your everyday style to something truly special and unique

Trust me, this jewellery combo is so valuable that it will become part of your jewellery wardrobe essentials in no time.

How to wear the set

There are so many positives about this necklace ring set.

They are ultra flattering at any age, and you have lots of styling options at your fingertips. Go with your mood and you will create your unique signature.

With the necklace, you have at least 3 ways that you can wear it :

  • as a classic pendant necklace
  • remove the pendant and wear it separately. Why not on a ribbon as a romantic collar necklace?
  • remove the pendant and wear the necklace as a t-bar necklace, with the Modern Rose fastening at the front, for a modern take on a Victorian inspired look

The t-bar fastening means that you can wear and transform your necklace in a very easy and secure fashion.

Wear the necklace on its own or layered with other necklaces. Its choker length allows you to play and create different styles.

Ideal for an instant touch of elegance for those special moments.



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