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Mesh and Amethyst Cocktail Earrings

Fabulous one of a kind earrings

Pure 1980s / 1990s vibe, with a little Gothical revival touch.

Exude femininity and authority.


In stock

One Of A Kind

There is just that one pair of mesh amethyst cocktail earrings. There won’t be any more of the same made.

Materials & their benefits

Made by hand using recycled sterling silver, top quality natural amethyst round cabochon stones, and repurposed industrial aluminium mesh.

Silver provides a steadying influence. It performs a balancing act by drawing negativity from the body while transferring the positive energies of other minerals.

Amethyst, known as “the all purpose stone”, is a protective stone that helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It is also the birthstone of those born in February.


Total length 35mm x 10mm amethyst gemstones


Matching Mesh Cocktail Ring available here

Designed and handmade to order in my South East London atelier.

Mesh and Amethyst Cocktail Earrings


These Mesh and Amethyst Cocktail Earrings are the one and only pair of such earrings that I have created as part of the Mesh capsule range.

They mix precious and non-precious materials. The result is sophisticated and eye catching.

I have repurposed industrial see-through aluminium mesh that I have turned into cones and then set in handmade silver cups.

Nothing like some top quality vivid amethyst gemstones to add a pop of colour and really make these earrings stand out.

Who are these fabulous Mesh and Amethyst Cocktail Earrings for

For those with flair and a discerning taste!

With a 1980s revival feel to them, these dress up earrings are joyously exuberant.

They have bags of personality yet manage to remain feminine and chic.

The luscious juicy gemstones balance out the strong graphic modernist lines.

You will love the way that the light plays against the different textures and enhances your carnation as you move.

How to wear them

These stand-out earrings are absolutely perfect for those special occasions when you need a trusted statement piece of jewellery to give you an instant touch of glamour!

Wear them on their own for an unforgettable look. A simple but beautifully cut outfit is all that they need to shine.

That said you can go full on and pair them with the matching Mesh Cocktail Ring, available here.

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