Dainty Stackable Necklace with Removable Charms – available in 3 lengths

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Designed and handmade by Essemgé in the UK.


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Dainty Stackable Necklace with Removable Charms – available in 3 lenghts

Introducing you to our Create Your Style collection.

You will love the concept of this necklace: available in 3 sizes, 3 lengths, a range of easy-to-wear colours and charms (cubes and cylinders) in silver or aluminium that you can mix, remove or add to.

Made in soft tactile silicone rubber, this necklace is clever, versatile and elegant.

Once you will have tried one, you will want to keep playing and adding more to create your own collection.

On- or off-duty this necklace will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Choose it chunky to make a statement, classic to accessorize a crisp white shirt, or dainty to outline a neckline. Stack as many as you want together, in different sizes and/or lengths and/or colours, and get a unique statement piece.

Cleverly fastened with a handmade magnetic clasp, this necklace could not be easier to put on. Magnets will also help you create a “layered” neckpiece effect when wearing several at a time.

That’s not all ! – the longer version (90cm) is called “two-in-one” for a reason. You get 2 options to wear in 1 same piece of jewellery, either a long one-strand opera necklace or a double-row choker, it is your choice.

Made from:

Silicone rubber – 3 sizes:

– statement: 8mm diameter cord, available in 45cm short version only. Check our Statement Stackable Choker Necklace listing.

– classic: 5mm diameter cord, available in the 3 versions – short, medium, long. Check our Classic Stackable Necklace listing.

– dainty: 3mm diameter cord

and aluminium or silver charms, all handmade and handfinished.


Short – 45 cm – 3 removable charms: 1 cube + 2 cylinders, felt edges for extra detail

Medium – 60 cm – 5 removable charms: 2 cubes + 3 cylinders, felt edges for extra detail

Long – “Two In One” – 90 cm – 6 removable charms: 3 cubes + 3 cylinders, felt edges for extra detail. Can be worn as an opera necklace or a double row choker.


Silver will oxydise over time. Use a silver cloth to get its colour back.

Aluminium does not tarnish. A wet cloth and pat drying will bring its sheen back.

Silicone rubber comes lightly talced to prevent dust gathering. If the silicone gets dirty it just needs to be wiped with a wet cloth, dried and gently talced again.

Designed and handmade by Essemgé in the UK.




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