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Leaves - autumn leaves
a tapistery of leaves


Introducing ‘Leaves’, a very contemplative theme celebrating the cycle of life.

It is part of ‘Mystery’, a broader collection that you can discover here.


It started as a journey back in time, looking at the ancient art of loop-in-loop chain making. This technique dates back from the Antiquity, and has been widely popular ever since. Examples of exquisite craftsmanship using this process can indeed be admired in museums all over the world. Countries and traditions have adapted it and created their own variations. Generations of designers have effectively all taken inspiration from those designs, and developed their individual take. It has even been recently adapted into the uber successful rainbow loom bracelet kit for children!

Researching the subject is fascinating. It bears the question ‘can anything from the original design still be successfully tweaked?’. I did not want a radical transformation . Instead I remained true to the initial concept of fluidity. The result? Light sweeping lines in an Art Nouveau style.

Who for

The range has broad appeal.

Nature lovers will be attracted by the overall authenticity of the style.

Admirers of the Art Nouveau aesthetics will appreciate the naturalistic gentle curves.

The discernings ones will see beyond the apparent simplicity and acknowledge the not-so-classic yet timeless look.

Finally those looking for pieces of jewellery with subtle meaning and symbolism will enjoy the range.


The theme felt particularly fitted in these troubled times.

Leaves exude timeless beauty. They hold strong symbolic meanings in many cultures, essentially that of the cycle of life. I will be developing this topic in a separate blog post.

The making process of the pieces of jewellery included in the range is also in itself very meditative and soothing. It is entirely manual and involves a virtually endless repetition of the same steps over and over again. There is something very peaceful and reassuring about it however, as if time stood still, yet knowing that each iteration is like a little building block, dependant on the previous one and essential to the next.


Enjoy feasting your eyes on the mini collection!

Note that we make all our pieces to order. The solid sterling silver 925 version is presented here. Get in touch to get a quote if you would like to have them in solid 18k yellow gold instead.

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