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Christmas Exclusive – Arts and Crafts inspired

Christmas Exclusive – Arts and Crafts inspired

 Christmas-Exclusive by Essemgé -Arts and Crafts inspired-The-Queens-Diamonds-Margaret-Macdonald Mackintosh
Christmas Exclusive – Arts & Crafts – The-Queens-Diamonds Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh

This particular design style was influenced most prominently by both the imagery of nature and the forms of medieval art, particularly the Gothic / Celtic style.

In the jewellery sets that I have created exclusively for the festive season, you will find these 2 main sources of inspiration and my personal interpretation of them.

The flowing lines, voluptuous swirls and curves that are closely associated with this art movement are also at the core of the Modern Rose range. I have put together 2 complementary gift sets: the Black & White Modern Rose Earrings Set, and the Modern Rose Necklace and Ring Set. These jewellery sets are fabulous for an exquisite, delicate and graceful look.

This design style was also heavily influenced by the Gothic architecture . It particularly focused on the harmony of proportions. I am offering a modern take with the Celtic Silver Stud Earrings set. You will love its powerful symbolism and the simplicity of its lines will appeal to both mean and women alike.

A brief note regarding my choice of the lady figure to embody the Arts & Crafts design style. I have chosen Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh. Indeed she was the wife of renowned Art Nouveau architecture Charles Rennie Mackintosh. For me. what makes her special is that she was a very talented artist in her own right who managed to carve out a career and a name for herself in an era when that wasn’t straightforward. She was a creative genius and a true visionary. A very inspiring figure, so who better than her ?

Enjoy the special edit. You will find it is very flattering at any age, and you will love that touch of effortless elegance.

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