Visiting Misshapes: the making of Tatty Devine exhibition at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich.

Waoooh! Colourful, delightful, crazy, experimental, uplifting, refreshing, soooo British … Actually it could not probably have been anything else but British. The Tatty Devine exhibition has put a big smile on my face. It is part of the #makeyourfuture campaign by the Crafts Council.

The exhibition takes you on a journey, that of two girl friends who met at art college more than 20 years ago, shared a passion for design, diy, charity shops, and had a vision for their business.

Tatty Devine is so British in its happy, slightly kitsch, ultra humorous and cheeky aesthetic. It has also managed to always stay relevant, almost one step ahead, capturing the mood of the times. From light-hearted to more politically orientated, they have used the power of design to share messages on a range of topics. Original pieces were made from found objects. They now work with acrylic.

Two things that as an entrepreneur myself I particularly admire – first they have remained faithful to their original style of fashion jewellery, second they have managed to keep it handmade in the UK.

Like Tatty Devine, Essemgé has a strong visual identity that makes it instantly recognisable. I always take great care when I develop new designs and collections to keep them coherent with what makes Essemgé signature style special. A piece of jewellery is a reflection of a particular period in time as much as that of a particular designer. It has to remain relevant and fresh. Taking existing and new followers with me on that journey is at the core of what I do every day.

Similarly, all my design and production processes are handmade, locally in London, UK.

I was so happy that such an exhibition was on my doorstep, on time for this year’s #IWD. Highly recommended, even for non jewellery addicts!

Misshapes: the making of Tatty Devine exhibition - hommage to the pearly queen

Misshapes: the making of Tatty Devine exhibition - politically engaged jewellery

Misshapes: the making of Tatty Devine exhibition - The Sandwich Bangle

Misshapes: the making of Tatty Devine exhibition - from inspiration to finished piece

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