#Lockdown1 – At the pace of nature

Following UK’s first lockdown aka #Lockdown1 on 16 March 2020, not only did I move studio but I decided to take a picture of the same shrub every day, at around the same time each day, for the duration of the confinement.
As we were not allowed to go outside more than 1 hour a day, it meant that we were pretty much limited as to where we could go in that space of time.
That daily snapshot was my way of coping. Making sure that I honoured my daily appointment with that little shrub in our communal backyard. Watching it change every day was a powerful reminder of the great forces of nature and where we as humans sit in the bigger realm of things. It was like an anchor, putting everything into perspective and keeping me grounded with a new little routine, come rain or shine.
It’s a very personal experience that I am sharing here but I feel that it will resonate with some of you and how you went through it too.
As we are heading into a second lockdown from tomorrow 5 November, we will have to recreate a personal routine once again and adapt. That’s our strength .
Stay well and safe. X

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