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Essemgé Designer Jeweller | How Earrings Change Your Look

How Earrings Change Your Look

How Earrings Change Your Look Earrings are fabulous accessories that will transform your overall appearance effortlessly and instantly. It is a matter of carefully…

How Earrings Change Your Look

Earrings are fabulous accessories that will transform your overall appearance effortlessly and instantly. It is a matter of carefully selecting the ones that will give the visual impact that you want.

Unlike most other jewellery items, earrings are essentially enjoyed by other people than the wearer. That is why it can be a little tricky to navigate the vast array of options and choose the perfect pair every time.

Earrings can change your look from plain to

  • refined – studs will give a subtle polished look, perfect for office wear
  • avant-garde – go for an asymmetric style to add interest and playfulness, ideal for a more informal setting
  • glamorous – long dangles will make you look unforgettable, for those special occasions

Not only earrings change your look but as a result they also change your personality. You naturally become that new character. By putting on a particular style of earrings you instantly and instinctively look, feel and behave according to that style. Like an actor you can choose the part you want to play by cleverly choosing your adornments. Earrings give you freedom!

How to achieve those results? 4 things to consider:

  • the shape of your face
  • your mood
  • the occasion
  • your outfit

I will explore the occasion and your outfit in a Part-2 follow-up blog.

Earrings frame your face

By their very nature, earrings create a backdrop to your complexion, the shape of your face, your eyes, the line of your neck and your hair. They are therefore instrumental to making you look just good or absolutely fabulous.

As a general rule what you want is a design that is in harmony with the shape of your face and neck line. In practice that means that

  • if you have a round face, you will want to counter-balance and give some length with long earrings and geometric shapes in general.
  • square faces will be softened by gentle curves. Organic styles will be ideal, avoid anything too sharp that will risk accentuate the angles of the jawline.
  • with a long face, your best choices are studs or short dangles. These will give the illusion of a more round face.
  • if you have a heart-shaped face, you need to create some bulk around the jawline with statement dangling earrings.
  • Oval-shaped faces are spoiled with choice as any type of earrings will suit them.
Essemgé Designer Jeweller | How Earrings Change Your Look

Our Long Amazonite 2-Part Dangle Earrings are ideal for round faces. They elongate the whole appearance and add sophistication.

Show who you want to be

As explained earlier earrings are seen by other people than the wearer. They can thus be used as means to convey messages about you, your mood, your values.

  • Do you want to wear earrings that have a particular meaning or make a statement? That can be through the choice of specific gemstones that have spiritual properties. You can also choose to stand out with a single earring, making it a talking piece, or alternatively go for a full curated ear or multiple ear piercing with a pick & mix of earring styles.
  • Need to show that you are confident and assert your place at work? Studs are great for that. They add personality and put the focus onto your face. Another style that you can try is the 2-part earrings, also called jacket earrings. They are made of 2 components: a stud part and an add-on. You have the perfect transition from work to after-work and show your creative side.
  • In a party mood? The bigger the bolder the brighter the better! Bring back the OTT 80s style and have fun experimenting. There is no right or wrong, so don’t be afraid to try something totally different from your usual style and inspire others to follow your lead.
Essemgé Designer Jeweller | How Earrings Change Your Look

Our Mesh and Amethyst Cocktail Earrings are reminiscent of that exuberant extravagance from the 1980s. You will love them! There is just that one unique pair.

(Re)-Conquer that freedom !

You can also choose to blur the lines and create the persona that you want people to see. At the end of the day it is your choice, your decision. You know what works for you. Earrings are a means to an end, that is their beauty, their power. Learn to master the art of adorning yourself to achieve your goals and the world is your oyster.

In Part 2, I will explore occasions and outfits, what styles of earrings to favour in various scenarii. Don’t miss it and join the EssemgeXMe Club here to be the first ones to know.

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