Heatwave Style – time for some seriously stylish statement earrings!

Summer is made for long evenings, flowy dresses, barbecue parties – in short, the good life!

Whether you are enjoying a break by the sea or still working in the city, it is that time of year when we indulge in some serious seasonal treats – think outdoor events, delicious sun-ripen flavoursome food, bigger bolder brighter fashion for example.

It is also hot. Yes we crave sun and warmth most of the year, especially if like myself you have been living in the UK for some years and still not quite got used to the weather. But when it is hot, you want to adapt your routine and that goes with your choice of jewellery too.

You need a jewellery that is lightweight, that doesn’t stick to your skin or that you cannot take out at the end of the day because your fingers are swollen up by the heat.

Below is my recommendation of how to stay stylish in the heat, and you will love it.

It is all about statement earrings. Trust me, they are your best friends this season. Why?

  • they won’t stick to your skin
  • they won’t feel tight at the end of the day
  • they will give an extra glow to your sun-kissed face
  • they will uplift any outfit, no need for anything else
  • they are easy to pack and to take with you anywhere

I have split the selection into 3 categories:

You can also find the entire edit here.

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