Because you are at the centre of what I do, customer experience and customer feedack are hugely important. They inform how I can serve you best.

If you are new to Essemgé and wonder what to expect, I hope you will find the below helpful. I am sharing here the feedback from existing customers in their own words.

To the kind contributors, my grateful thanks .

– January 2021 –

Hello Sophie,

My beautiful necklace has arrived together with the earrings and I
just want you to know they are even more gorgeous than envisaged from
the photos.  The necklace is perfect and I’m so glad I decided to go
ahead with this to match the earrings already purchased from you.  I
will get so much use from this.  It has just the right amount of glitz
while being understated.  Thank you so much for all your helpful
advice.  It is an absolute pleasure dealing with you.  I will be back
shopping for more of your unique pieces knowing I will always have
something chic and totally wearable – effortless…  Thank you

Customer feedback - photo sent by client of parcel and jewellery bought
photo sent by client of parcel and jewellery bought

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