Bejewelled for Halloween – Halloween is for kids I hear you say. Well, who doesn’t like / want / need (strikethrough as appropriate) a party? So let’s have some fun and take a look at Halloween from a different perspective, that of gems and jewellery.

Who cares about getting a Halloween costume? For the real fashion lover and the savvy discerning shopper, it is all about jewellery and attitude! Our full selection is available here.

I will take you through

  • why I am advocating a jewelled Halloween,
  • suggest how you can style your outfit, and
  • finish off by our special Halloween jewellery edit.


Let me briefly expose the main reasons to my plebisciting a bejewelled Halloween rather than the traditional fancy dress party.

  1. during the pandemic yes we have enjoyed a more casual fashion but it is also been an opportunity to experiment with fashion, be more creative and try out new styles without seeking any external approval. Let’s keep up with this newly found / renewed self confidence!

2. the pandemic has also been a time to reflect. Now is the time to act. If the past 18+ months have made you more eco-conscious then you will endorse my stance on Halloween and purchase with purpose.

3. it has been 18+ months !!! And it is Autumn here in the Northern hemisphere. Do I need to say more ? So let’s party and enjoy the good times 🙂

Halloween party -

The joy of being together and having a good time.

The easiest style ever!

Yes that is right, with a few caveats that I will explain.

In essence, the simpler your outfit the better. It will create the perfect backdrop to let your styling shine. So bring out your jewellery box and layer, mix to your heart’s content. More is more is more, especially on that occasion! You want to create drama and strong visual impact.

That said, there are a couple of caveats that I would suggest you consider to stay on the right side of taste vs tacky:

  • for your outfit, go for monochrome (black is the obvious choice but you can also go the other way with an icy white) and a simple sleek but flattering cut (a high neckline makes for a very elegant silhouette but it depends on the jewellery you will put on). That way you will ensure your outfit doesn’t distract from the focal point, your beautiful jewellery.
  • for your jewellery, try and stick to a few complementary colours, 3 is a good number. It remains harmonious but has enough variety to give you the space to create something really unique and special.

And now have fun! Both maximalists and minimalists will love the exercise, trust me! 🙂

Get the look with our signature Torus chain necklace collection – available in silver, dark hematite or vibrant carnelian. Head here to get started.

Our special Halloween jewellery edit

We have put together a selection around the 4 colours of Halloween, namely:

  • Orange, the colour of confidence and joy
  • Red, the colour of passion and life
  • Black, the colour of mystery and elegance
  • White, the colour of brilliance and grace

The full edit is available for you here.

Below are 2 examples of pieces that embody those colours through the gemstones used :

Rock Crystak Icicle Necklace - close up - on grey background

Orange and White are represented in this one-of-a-kind necklace by the combination of Citrine and Rock Crystal gemstones . Find out more here.

Nought Chain Sautoir Necklace by Essemgé - Silver, Hematite, Carnelian - over background image showing model in red gown

Orange/Red and Dark Grey/Black are represented in this stunning sautoir necklace by the combination of Hematite and Carnelian gemstones. Enjoy here.

And a little extra surprise awaits you here

Have a fantastic time!

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