Following the feedback received on the ‘#Lockdown1 – At The Pace of Nature‘ slideshow that I shared in an earlier newsletter, I thought you would enjoy a little more so I have put together another short video, Beautiful Berries!

Very seasonal (in our Northern hemispher I should say) and Christmassy.
Once again it is a happy accident. A glimpse into my walks and how I am never without my phone! 🙂 There is always something that grabs my attention, piques my curiosity and has the potential to develop into something exciting.
Here I have collated images that I took earlier in the season as the UK were in #Lockdown2 – no fancy places but just nature around my block of flats really.
What I liked was discovering the variety of colours and shapes of these glorious little gems, some nested in the foliage, almost hidden from view, others proudly exuberant. It became -almost!- like Easter egg hunting and little joys everytime I could add a new berry variety to my growing collection 🙂
Small pleasures but they do make your day and help lift the mood I can assure you. Shame I could not find any wild mistletoe during my walks though. The quest continues …

Stay well and safe. X

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