About Essemge

Keen drawer and watercolour painter, I have always been interested in anything artistic and creative that is both fulfilling yet challenges the senses. Designing and making beautifully finished interesting jewellery is for me the perfect example of taking an idea and turning it into an actual wearable piece.

I discovered silversmithing after moving to the UK and that is when I decided to set up Essemgé.

The journey from the first drawing to the last finishing touch is exciting every time as it is unique to the design of a particular piece. It takes me through a whole spectrum of emotions. It can in turn be immensely fun and playful or hugely frustrating and challenging. I am sure most makers will have experienced the same ! But what better compliment than seeing my design being worn, loved and cared for. That is what it is all about.

I recently set up Essemgé, an exciting young jewellery brand that offers quality jewellery for the modern woman.

Essemgé stands for “SMG”, my initials with a French twist, in reference to my origins.

Heavily influenced by London’s urban environment, the designs are versatile, empowering and bold with a fresh take on traditional classic shapes.

Jewellery is highly individual. For each of my creations I strive at making it the best, that is the one that looks good on you.

I use a variety of materials to create eye-catching covetable pieces.

Playing on colours, textures and volumes yet keeping lines clean and simple makes Essemgé jewellery an attractive choice for those who choose style over fashion.

All the pieces are lovingly handmade in the UK, with attention to detail and quality of work using only great materials sourced in the UK.

Bespoke jewellery and commissioned work are also welcome.


Forget Fashion, Embrace Style !


If you’d like to find out more about Essemgé, please feel free to get in touch.


Essemgé is a Member of the National Association of Jewellers , of the Crafts Council Directory , of the Craft&Design Selected Makers , of the Guild of Jewellery Designers , and of Mad’in Europe .

Sophie Martin-Glinel
Owner, Essemgé

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